925 silver earrings

925 silver earrings have always been appreciated for their magnificence and strength. They are magnificent and are an excellent choice for every occasion. Silver earrings are not some ornament; instead, they are statement piece. They reflect your personality and represent your interests. Either you wear silver studs or fancy pair of dangle earrings; every 925 silver earrings will reflect their aura. Interestingly, wholesale jewelry, the metal won’t rust or die quickly. If you take proper care and maintain them appropriately, they will look the same even after decades. 

You are wondering what type of silver earrings will look good with your formal outfit? Well, no worries! We have gathered

The best 925 silver earrings will help you to pair with your dresses. 


925 silver earrings


  •  Meiko 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Earrings 

The cubic zirconia earrings are very comfortable, elegant, wholesale silver jewelry, and a perfect match with your formal dresses. They are made from 925sterling silver and 3A crystal.

  • Eardrop size is approximately 2.5*2cm in height and width simultaneously. 
  • The ear studs size is near 0.5cm. 
  • There are a few openings on the back to fit several earlobes.

There are two altered methods to wear the cubic 925 silver earring. One as a little stud earring, second one as plume drop hoops. They have a lovely dazzling trim and feel very comforting. jewelry manufacturer, They are relatively lightweight and go perfectly with every outfit you wear.

925 silver earrings

  • MiaBella 925 Sterling Silver Italian Lever-back Earrings

Handcrafted by the fine craftsmen in Italy, these rich and exceptional authentic silver hoops are ideal for extravagance. These shining round earrings are agreeable for wearing daily. They are so lightweight they won’t overload your ears. The 925 silver earrings are ideal for wearing to the office and then to some formal event. The fragile yet striking style makes it fit to wear with everything.

Made from top quality sterling silver will give your earrings a splendid sparkle. In contrast to modest metals, authentic silver doesn’t bother your skin and with appropriate consideration, will endure forever. 

  • Lever back pierced hoops.
  • Size: 12 or 14mm 

925 silver earrings


  •  KEETEEN “Moon&Star” 925 Silver Earrings

These 925 silver earrings are formed by high-brilliance pearl and 925 authentic silver. They are coated with 18K white gold and has four sparkling zircon all around. When you adjust its point of wearing, you will find that it would appear in different patterns. You’ll see designs like a smile, and something similar to a star and a moon concentric as well. It has a beautiful and unique style configuration. It will give a more elegant inclination, and will always remain in style. Its lively colour makes it perfect for different events and every kind of outfit. 

It has an ideal freshwater pearl like the moon in night sky design.  Also, the three sparkling zircons like the stars give it a more beautiful look. These earrings are incredibly comfortable and will look attractive every time. 

  • Height: 3/8 inch
  •  Width: 1/2 inch

925 silver earrings

  • Chic925 Sterling Silver Lotus Flower 

These sterling silver 925 look exquisite with a unique style with a distinct style compared to other studs. They are charming, lightweight and agreeable to wear. Lotus flower earrings are Hypoallergenic platinum with a coating of sterling silver. They are the best earrings for women having delicate studs as they are too skin safe. Pair them with any dress, and you’re good to go. 

  • Earring size: 0.2” * 0.7”(5mm*18mm)

925 silver earrings

  •  Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings 

 Natural freshwater pearls have a unique design. Each of them claims distinctive brilliance, colour, shape and size. They are made from 925sterling silver and are suitable for hypersensitive skin. Its splendid colours make it elegant and captivating for a different kind of occasions. Its fantastic plan offers a stylish expression and is the ideal present for your loved ones. These 925 silver earrings are ideal for different events. 

  • Earringsize: 14mm*14mm
  •  Pearl: 8.5-9mm high gloss pearl


925 silver earrings

  • 925 Sterling Round Halo Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings 

Cubic Zirconia Halo stud hoops are made from 925 authentic silver with a valuable metal rhodium coating. This makes it safe from tarnishing and wearing it on different occasions. These925 silver earrings highlight an enormous focus stone with replicate diamond encompassing it in radiance like impact. Diamond radiance hoops are stylish as well as enduring and chic. It is hypoallergenic; containing no lead or nickel. It is specially made for delicate skin without making any aggravation. 


925 silver earrings

  • Victoria Townsend 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 

These925 silver earrings back to the front band are ideal for regular wear and formal events. They are incredibly versatile for an exceptionally stunning look ideal for any event. Each circle stud highlights 2mm round-cut shimmering cubic zirconia stones. This graceful hand-created from 925 sterling silver and is very light in weight.

They are covered with Rhodium for a dependable splendid completion. The rhodium coating makes it suitable for hypersensitive skin as it becomes free from lead and nickel. It polished to give the perfect sparkle and toughness. Each circle stud is 28mm, and secure with pivoted hook closing. 

925 silver earrings

  • Class 925 Sterling Silver Flower Snowflake Crystals Stud Earrings 

The petals of this 925 silver earring have amazing Swarovski crystals. The cherry bloom characterizes class and splendour. Every lady ought to have these snowflake earrings. These stud hoops are decorated with finest SWAROVSKI precious stones, giving it a beautiful and classy appearance. It is appropriate for every woman. It has a sleek, light and charming design.


925 silver earrings

  • Authentic Silver  Pear Shape Cubic ZirconiaLever-back Earrings 

Adorned with cubic zirconia, these 925 silver earrings are a flawless piece of beauty. Made from sterling silver, these small hoops are a masterpiece and ensure high quality throughout many years. Their coating makes them stain resistant and keeps it sparkling. Wear this pear-shaped zirconia to any occasion, and they will look phenomenal. 

  • Breadth: 6 millimetres
  • Length: 17.3 millimetres


925 silver earrings

  •  Sllaiss Zirconia  925 Sterling Silver Earrings 

This round cut hoop earring is made from top-quality zirconia which will stay with you forever. Its classic, elegant and stylish design allows making it perfect for formal events. These 925 silver earrings are incredibly safe for your ears and look attractive at the same time. 

  • Outside diameter: 12mm(0.47”)
  • Internal diameter 8mm(0.31”)
  • Breadth: 2mm(0.08”)
  • Zircon size:4mm (0.16”).


Final Verdict

Choosing the best 925 silver earrings with your dress can sometimes be challenging. Well, it’s not anymore. After reading this article, you’ll be sure about what pair to match with your dress. Sterling silver earrings are exquisite pieces of jewellery that look phenomenal with any outfit you pair them with. Not only they are beautiful but are durable and affordable pieces of jewellery.