silver 925 jewelry

Babies bring happiness into our lives. But gifting a child with jewelry is one of the traditions in many Asian countries like India, etc. It is not just a gift but also considered as an investment for the baby in the future. A baby can be gifted with sterling silver 925 jewelry or gold jewelry. This can be passed on over generations as well if not utilized earlier. wholesale jewelry, You can read the article further to know what kind of gifts can be given to a newborn baby. Whether it’s a girl or a boy!

Tick how to choose sterling silver 925 jewelry gift


There are some things you must keep in mind before buying jewelry for the child you are gifting it to. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Material
  2. Design
  3. Size



You must take your take to investigate the material used to make the jewelry you are going to buy. A baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. It can rash or can react to their skin easily. Maybe the baby’s skin is hypoallergenic. So, you should buy sterling silver 925 jewelry of high quality and from a trusted market. 


silver 925 jewelry


There are a variety of designs that you can choose for the little one. It can be cartoon charms or cute little designs. But you must understand that design should be sharp from any side. Babies sometimes tend to keep putting things in their mouths. So, jewelry manufacturer, it can be dangerous if the design is edged from any corner. Be very careful because child safety is the priority.



It is very confusing to think about which size to buy for a child because they have tiny little cute hands and fingers. How will the sterling silver 925 jewelry fit in? But good jewelry shops have the right size and shape for newborn babies. It could be anything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings. 


Other than the precautionary factors that you should take care of. Here are some jewelry items that you might want to buy for your child:



It is very common to give chains and necklaces to a child. The parents worry less too because it comes less in the way of the child. So, they are not playing around with it neither is dangerous because they can’t put it in their mouth. Giving necklaces and chains also symbolizes the safety of the child from bad energy. These are followed in some traditions in many countries. You should buy high-quality sterling silver 925 jewelry because they don’t tarnish and damage easily. Another tip you must remember is to check the necklace chain time by time because babies grow faster than we think!


Some people give pendants with different cute shaped pendant. Some of them can be the initials of the baby. Or a feet shaped pendant with the date of the baby’s birth. It can be kept as a memory for the parents as well as the baby.


silver 925 jewelry


Parents love seeing their little packet of happiness wearing something on their wrists. It is not only limited to girls. Boys can wear the bracelet as a piece of jewelry too. You can modify the designs for both of them according to their genders. wholesale silver jewelry You can change the color of the little design made to pink if it is a girl but if it is a boy you can keep it blue. If you choose to keep your baby’s gender as a surprise then you can keep some neutral colors like orange or green etc. But you must take care of some of the factors you must avoid before buying sterling silver 925 jewelry.


Many people also like to customize their bracelets. They want to keep this bracelet as a part of their memory forever so they get a little plate with the baby’s name on it and on the back the date when they were born. These sorts of bracelets are personalized and carry their uniqueness and charm. 



Rings are very uncommon to give to a newborn baby since it is very small and the baby can easily put it in his or her mouth so it can get dangerous. But what you can do is that you can give the ring in a bigger size to their parents. And when the child is old enough that they won’t be chewing rings out of their fingers then it is fine for them to put on that ring. Sometimes you can gift it and they can just use it for pictures for creating a memory and then later save it for their future when they need it. Isn’t this an amazing idea to cherish memories?



Now, these earrings can be shaped in any way you want. Whether you want to move towards the trendy fashion that is famous nowadays or you can follow the tradition that has been followed since your grandparents. Nowadays people give earrings that are small in size usually called studs. These studs can be shaped into different things. For example, you can customize it to a beautiful pair of butterflies, flowers, or even just plain simple shiny studs. They will look very special in their way. But if you want to follow your tradition then hoops are the best option. 


Final Thoughts

Last but not the least, whatever jewelry you give to a little bundle of joy is your choice. Sterling silver 925 jewelry makes a special place in the parent’s heart for their little angel. No matter what jewelry piece it is it will look precious in the hands of a baby. This article gives you enough guides on what to gift to buy for your newborn. Therefore, go and grab a beautiful piece of jewelry for your little one!