Choosing a Silver Brooch suitable hairstyle for attending wedding ceremonies

Silver Brooch

Welcome to the second article of this ‘Choosing a suitable hairstyle for weddings.’ In this series of articles, we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the millions of options available, we propose some options that are simple and very trendy so that you can dazzle and succeed with your choice of hairstyle. So here we provide more tip for choosing a perfect hairstyle for attending a wedding ceremony.



    For evening weddings, many experts agree to recommend a pick-up, since it usually brings a more elegant and “arranged” style to any look (more if you have opted for a long dress).

   Among all the options available, you have endless proposals to choose from depending on how your dress is (and taking into account aspects such as fabric or paint, the type of neckline, if it is a midi or long dress or if you wear pants).

Silver Brooch


Silver Brooch

   Here are some ideas: a bun with volume, a low pick-up (which you can also give a more casual touch by slightly caring the front), a retro-style bun or a more modern and original alternative, such as a twisted bun (options which also, in some cases, you can incorporate braids to give a more current air).

   Concerning accessories, do not overload your hairstyle too much, since it already elaborates in itself, and in any case, opt for a silver wholesale brooch of pure character and materials. Play in this case with the jewelry, since adding striking earrings or a choker can give your look that different and sophisticated air.


Silver Brooch

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