7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver

sterling silver

Sterling silver will turn all eyes on you.! It is gorgeous yet affordable, and the timeless beauty pieces give you a perfect look. Sterling silver comprises 92.5% silver with 7.5% metal alloys like copper. It is an ideal metal that melts down to offer you stunning traditional yet luxurious jewelry pieces. Sterling silver is a perfect metal for creating trendy, timeless looks with minimal investment. 

Have a look at the 7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver. You’ll indeed get convinced to stock more of the exclusive silver jewelry than before!

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  • Hypoallergenic:

Most of the discounted pieces or jewelry pieces that we buy from stores comprise nickel and lead, wholesale jewelry, resulting in allergies. These metals are known for causing skin reactions, allergic reactions, memory loss, brain damage, liver issues, and several other adverse effects on the body. Ordinary jewelry having the slightest amount of nickel can surely result in skin rashes if you have sensitive skin. 

Sterling silver, on the other hand, wholesale silver jewelry, can resolve all your skin issues. It is hypoallergenic and recommended for all people without leading to any skin allergies. You can have absolute peace of mind when planning to buy sterling silver. It is recommended for people who frequently suffer from skin reactions while wearing everyday jewelry items.


sterling silver

  • Inexpensive:

The 7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver also includes its cost-effective price. The silver pieces are relatively cost-friendly, and they don’t need you to invest a fortune. In today’s world, jewelry manufacturer, we know that everyone is suffering from an inevitable economic crisis, but jewelry is what defines any woman. So, everyone loves investing in jewelry pieces. Its, therefore, recommended going for
Sterling silver 925. Not only it’s affordable, but it also seems like you are wearing white gold. The price, along with the timeless beauty of silver jewelry pieces, makes it an abundant choice amongst customers. 

  • Easy maintenance:

Another reason to buy sterling silver jewelry is its easy maintenance among the 7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver. If you have several jewelry pieces in silver, you can store them in an airtight box and wipe them down using a silver polishing cloth once in a while to make them look new. 

Moreover, you can utilize these simple tricks, like making mild ammonia phosphate-free soap in warm water. 

Water+ baking soda: Another trick includes the user of water and baking soda. Make a paste and then use a pea-size amount on it and then polish. 

Lemon juice+ olive oil: You can also use ½ cup of lemon juice and 1 tsp of olive oil mixture to get rid of tarnish. 

Aluminum trick: You can also try using the aluminum pie plate trick or line any bowl using aluminum foil. Put hot water in the plate to cover the entire jewelry. Add equal ration of baking soda and salt. Make sure to dissolve the jewelry thoroughly. Now rinse ad rub the jewelry carefully to remove all tarnish. 

  • Universally recognized:

As the name of this article says, there are 7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver, and this one is worth it. Whether you ask a foreigner or a local, everyone recognizes what sterling silver. Sterling silver is one of the luxury metals that makes you look beautiful and is immediately eye appealing to the viewers. Sterling silver being incredibly affordable, is now one of the most famous jewelry items worn at functions like weddings, bridal showers, parties, and much more. 

Sterling silver looks chic, noble and gives you a perfect spark at your grand events, making you look lovely without investing a fortune. 


sterling silver

  • Quickly targets niche markets:

Whether you plan on buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces for a religious tradition, for yoga, body piercings, ear piercings, or gay men, the ultimate 7 reasons to buy wholesale jewelry include its easily targetable property for different niche markets. Any niche market will have more jewelry designs in sterling silver than in any other metal, whether you talk about gold, rose gold, or others. The demand for sterling silver is on the rise due to its affordability. Most individuals are not willing to spend their savings on costly metals like platinum or gold. 

  • Have valuable customers at your jewelry shop:

Most valuable and repeated customers are those who buy the most pieces from you. Buying gold or platinum pieces is only limited to filthy rich people. So, most of the customers are those who want affordable yet sleek looking jewelry. Such people will surely opt for you if you have timeless sterling silver jewelry pieces. Most parents love buying sterling silver pieces for their children or presenting them as gifts to friends and family members. Such silver jewelry pieces can easily be purchased without breaking the bank accounts. 

  • Several designs/ versatilities:

Last but not least, the 7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver include plenty of designs. Several artists in the market have been working hard to offer new concepts, impressive designs, and beautiful, timeless pieces. The artists can easily afford to cast new designs in affordable silver metal rather than platinum or gold, which is why there are new additional designs in silver jewelry collection compared to other metals. Consumers love the fact that they can keep on changing their looks with impressive designs and freshen their entire jewelry collection with awe-inspiring pieces. 

Final Verdict:

We hope that these 7 reasons to buy wholesale sterling silver will allow you to stock up more of the silver jewelry pieces with less investment. The durability of sterling silver is what makes it the ultimate choice amongst buyers. You can enjoy wearing your silver jewelry for a lifetime if taken good care of. Other than these tips, make sure to buy your silver jewelry pieces from a reputable, established brand so that you can enjoy a lifetime of your beautiful, timeless pieces.