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About Us - Best Jewelry TH

About Us – Best Jewelry TH When I started this blog in 2019, I had already lived a long career in jewelry. From running a jewelry store in Thailand to being an e-commerce buyer. From running an agency representing various Thailand brands in Thailand to working with a family jewelry wholesale business.

When I was been in jewelry before starting that very first blog. and I felt excited yet hesitant. Although 2019 seems not long ago, it was a different media landscape and blogs were upcoming, but mainly seen as the area of young fashionable people.

About Us - Best Jewelry TH


 WHY I STARTED A JEWELRY BLOG?   About Us – Best Jewelry TH 1


But the reason I wanted to blog had nothing to do with wanting to appear younger or trying too hard to be relevant. It had everything to do with my build-up frustration over many years, visiting jewelry stores that often lacked vision. I had seen so many beautiful companies over the years, I knew about so many artisans, brands, people with creative ideas, and so on, but what I saw in the jewelry stores was all the same stuff. I felt that the jeweler was not educating the public, not inspiring the people, not building on their own name and create their own identity, but had lost track of all this whilst being emerged by brands who had aggressive marketing styles and imposing ever more rules and demands to their customers. wholesale jewelry The jewelry store seemed to be a sort of showroom, dictated by those brands that invested most in advertising.