Sterling silver jewelry is all about indulging in fashion statements. Maintaining silver jewelry is essential so that they look exquisite, and you can easily wear it for everyday use or parties and events. The 925 rings wholesale are intricately designed, so you need to learn about the maintenance tips ensuring the pieces last for a longer duration offering a fashionable look to your personality.


Super clean 925 rings wholesale at Home

Silver is in use for the manufacturing of jewelry pieces for several decades. Sterling silver usually comprises copper, a metal alloy that helps soft silver turn into a durable and sturdy one. But the incorporation of copper in silver results in the reaction of this alloy with several air gases leading to discoloration and slight tarnish if not cleaned regularly.

If you use sterling silver daily, it turns green with a dark tinge. However, if you ensure proper care and maintain the silver jewelry while adequately storing them, you can definitely wear it for a lifetime. Have a look at the stunning tips on how to maintain 925 rings wholesale:


925 rings wholesale

  • Proper storage:

Store the 925 rings wholesale wrapped in ASIF cloth because this protects your silver jewelry against harmful air gases and chemicals. Moreover, the soft fabric eventually prevents the rubbing off of two jewelry pieces against each other.



  • Cool, dry place:

The best condition for silver jewelry is to keep them in a cool, dry place. Polish the 925 rings wholesale frequently to maintain the perfect gloss and shine. Regular polishing helps you get rid of tarnish easily; otherwise, you will face difficulty cleaning layers of tarnish. Avoid exposure of your silver jewelry to air, harmful chemicals, gases, or others, as this results in a change in color of the silver jewelry. 


925 rings wholesale

  • Special silver cleaning cloth:

For cleaning the silver jewelry, it’s best to get your hands on special cloth for cleaning silver jewelry. But other than this, you can also get your hands on flannel, or microfiber cloth, which is lint-free and helps in easy cleaning and maintenance of the 925 rings wholesale. Plus, remember never to use paper towels or tissues for cleaning silver jewelry as they can result in scratches over the metal’s surface.



  • Simple DIY measures:

You can also apply a simple DIY from your home product, which is toothpaste, and get rid of the dark tarnish over the jewelry pieces. However, toothpaste has abrasive components that lead to scratches over the outer surface of your jewelry. Moreover, you need to remember that while using a cloth or any cleaner, you need to apply back and forth or longitudinal strikes rather than the circular motion, which can lead to scratches. In addition to this, keep changing the portion of the cloth you are using over the silver jewelry surface so that there are no black marks left on your jewelry ever.


925 rings wholesale

  • Homemade cleaners:

For cleaning and maintaining 925 rings wholesale, Sterling silver 925 you can also utilize homemade cleaners, which works well for keeping the shine of silver jewelry. Such home cleaners are economical and also environmentally friendly. You can simply use these cleaning agents for maintaining the exquisite luster of your silver jewelry pieces for a longer duration.

If your 925 rings wholesale have any gems, stones, or diamonds, avoid placing them in any home-based cleaners as they can damage the stone sir gems. Use a soft cloth for occasional rubbing of such Jewelry pieces. If you dip these rings in cleaning solutions, the cleaner’s chemicals can accumulate underneath the stones and result in dislodgement cleaning silver jewelry with ultimate care and precaution is ideal.


Examples of Homemade cleaners:

Use a cleaner that is made up of a combination of the following ingredients:

  • Soap and water: This solution works well to clean the tarnish from the 925 rings wholesale. But when using this solution, ensure that the soap is free from ammonia or phosphate during the cleaning process.
  • Olive oil and lemon juice: Use this effective cleaner for sterling silver jewelry that offers an ultimate sheen to the rings. Mix both ingredients in a bowl measuring half cup of lemon juice and 1 tsp of olive oil. Then dip a cloth piece to rub over the jewelry surface. Once you are done cleaning the ring, use a dry cloth to wipe off the solution entirely and achieve sparkling results. 
  • Water plus baking soda: Make a paste of these two ingredients for polishing the silver jewelry. If your 925 rings wholesale haves you details or etching, then apply a thin paste of this solution over the 925 rings wholesale using a soft brush for cleaning the crevices. Then wash off the silver jewelry with warm water and use a dry cloth for cleaning the surface.
  • Salt+ baking soda+ hot water: You can also use this solution over your tarnished or dull silver rings. Line any utensil with aluminum foil in which you can dip the jewelry thoroughly. Within ten minutes, you can eliminate all the tarnish and make your 925 rings wholesale look stunning and beautiful like before!

Other than these homemade cleaners, you can also opt for commercial cleaners. But after cleaning, it’s essential to wash them with water to remove all chemicals.

Final Verdict:

Silver jewelry is timeless and looks extraordinary beautiful every time you wear it. The timeless 925 rings wholesale can be stored in zip lock bags or anti-tarnish bags to prevent scratches or rub off the jewelry pieces. I hope these stunning cleaning methods help you clean the 925 rings with simple to use products without any complicated procedures. Other than these tips, never leave silver jewelry in the open air as it can lead to some damage, corrosion and tarnish of the 925 rings wholesale.