Home Jewelry blog Gold vs. 925 Silver Wholesale Marcasite Bangle; how to decide?

Gold vs. 925 Silver Wholesale Marcasite Bangle; how to decide?

Gold vs. 925 Silver Wholesale Marcasite Bangle; how to decide?

When purchasing bangles wholesale, there are different factors that need to be considered. The first quality is if it is a gold-filled bangle or a 925-silver wholesale marcasite bangle. This difference in the metals will greatly affect the cost and overall look of the end product. The second quality factor that needs to be considered is how many beads are on each of your wholesale bangles. This will also greatly affect the final price. 925 Silver

To understand why different qualities exist, Wholesale Jewelry, you need to know the differences in materials used for each and what makes them special or unique. The main difference is that gold-filled bangles have a higher percentage of gold than wholesale silver bangles do. A 100% gold bangle is usually too expensive for most people to afford. 925 Silver

Therefore, gold bling bracelets are usually made from an 80%-20% mixture of lower karat yellow metals with pure 24K yellow gold plating on top (or sometimes 18K). It can get even more complicated because many jewelry supply companies offer varying percentages of silver-gold mixtures – anywhere from 70/30 to 90/10 ratios. 925 Silver

Gold vs. 925 Silver Wholesale Marcasite Bangle; how to decide?

925 silver

Gold Filled Wholesale Bangles:

A gold-filled bangle consists of a solid brass core, which is then plated with 24K yellow gold by an electroplating process to make it look like the real thing. These bangles are very beautiful and strong.

925 Silver Wholesale Bangles:

The more traditional wholesale silver bling bracelets are made from fine quality 925 sterling silver alloys (although some companies will try to pass off high karat scrap for fine quality). However, this type of bracelet may chip or tarnish over time if not cared for properly.

Strands Per Bangle:

When deciding on what type of jewelry to get, you need to take into account how many strands per bangles you want. If you want a chunkier look, there are many bangles with more than 20 strands. Of course, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, the higher the strand count of your chunky wholesale bracelets, the higher the price will be. The options for both gold and silver bangles can range from 30 to 50 strands per bangle alone! 925 Silver

Wholesale gemstone bracelets:

Gemstone Bangle Bracelets are highly popular in every age group and gender. The most common type of gemstone used at this time in wholesale bangle bracelets is the amethyst which has been widely accepted for its spiritual and healing properties. Also, keep in mind that not all strands are equal in size or weight (although they should be). Therefore, a bracelet is not just made up of solid strands; some may have about three times as much wire as others (depending on where they are located on the piece). 925 Silver

Another aspect to consider when purchasing wholesale bling bracelets online is how strong each strand is? How does it hold up after weeks or months of wear and tear? Some strands may look thin or thin but still, be strong. Depending on your business model, you will want to consider how you are going to market each piece of jewelry. 925 Silver

925 silver

Will it have the same appearance as the day it arrived at your doorstep? Or would consumers rather see a more natural-looking product that has dings and scratches from wear? Most customers choose bangles that really show off some character; these pieces tend to be much better sellers because people love them just as they are! 925 Silver

Complications in Finding Quality Wholesale Bangles:

Finding quality wholesale bangles is not always easy for every supplier. This is because there is no specified grading system for bangle bracelets. Therefore, when buying wholesale products online, you need to be very careful. Usually, the strand count and quality of your wholesale bangles will dictate the price. However, most jewelry suppliers recognize that silver is more popular than gold; therefore, it may be that neither metal is available in the type of bangle you want. 925 Silver 

There are other types of bangles made from materials such as beads (e.g., stone or wooden beads) or pearls. These pieces can also make excellent accessories for business owners interested in offering a broad selection of products at very competitive prices.
Wholesale fashion bracelets: Fashion wholesale bracelets came in many shapes and sizes and are made from many different materials. 925 Silver

The main goal behind these styles is to capture the essence of any particular trend and sell it. Whether it is a sequin bracelet or a trendy bangle, Jewelry manufacturers, and fashion wholesale bracelets are all over the place. They came in many different shapes and sizes and are made from many different materials (e.g., crystals to gemstones). Be prepared to see unusual designs that customers may consider wearing on more than one occasion – especially now with the release of more bridal pieces! 925 Silver

Try to find bangles that are very versatile and can be worn in various settings. Those pieces of jewelry you find online should have at least one aspect (e.g., design, material, size) that brings them together, so you know they are from the same line or collection. This makes it easier for customers to decide what type of wholesale bangles will work best for their needs! 925 Silver

925 silver

Whether it is a bracelet made out of wood beads or some other unusual material, fashion bracelets should be bold enough to make someone stop and wonder! The trend right now is towards unconventional styles that people may not use as often as more classic designs; however, if marketed correctly, these bling bracelets could really sell well! 925 Silver 

A lot of people see gemstones as an investment, but the real value is in the quality and workmanship that goes into making each piece of jewelry. Aside from this, you need to pay attention to the type of gemstone used in these wholesale bracelets. Different types are associated with different qualities; for example, some are good for healing; others bring strength. 925 Silver

This is why it is important that you know what type of stone you are looking at before making your final decision. Not all wholesale bangles will be designed to withstand everyday wear or tear. Some pieces of jewelry may even seem delicate when you first look at them, but they can easily last longer than others. So, Gold or Silver, what’s your final pick based on the points above? 925 Silver

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