How to keep your silver necklace from rusting

Clean Silver Necklace

If you have some jewelry item of your grandmother, you might have noticed that some of the jewelry might have changed its color or may appear to be dull. Or there is some kind of rust and tarnish on it. This is caused due to its exposure to the environment which results in oxidation. For oxidation, the metal needs to be exposed to oxygen and water to cause a chemical reaction which in turn produces a corrosive layer on your clean silver necklace. It is not just the old jewelry but also some of the jewelry items you might have bought recently. Even they can be affected by this and will end up having a black coating on its surface.

This stain is an aftereffect of a synthetic response that happens when silver comes into contact with air and different substances. Each and every bit of silver gems build up a dark covering on its surface after some time. The silver stain is a type of consumption, yet not similar to rust, it doesn’t decimate the basic metal and can be expelled generally no problem at all.

 Here are a few ways that you can follow in order to prevent your clean silver necklace from rusting:

  • Keep away your jewelry item from water

Remember to always take off your jewelry item before swimming or while you are about to hop in the shower as this might catch moisture resulting in corrosion. Even avoid taking your jewelry item inside the bathroom because the counter can be full of water and you might not even know.

 Or when you take it in the bathroom and you take a steam shower. The steam in the air creates moisture and can cause your clean silver necklace to rust. Therefore it is very important that you keep away your treasured jewelry safe from an excess of moisture or water.

  • Lamination

This one might be a bit unusual but surely effective. You should coat your silver necklace with lacquer which is specially made to protect jewelry items from rusting. You can also use it on rings. Just simply put lacquer in the inner part where the ring touches your skin. Moreover, your fingers will also be safe because the rings will not be able to put a green stain on your fingers anymore. If you can’t find any lacquer you can use transparent nail polish as it is the easiest substitute. You can refresh the coating of silver jewelry now since the lacquer can be easily removed and then reapplied whenever needed.

This will make your clean silver necklace everlasting.

  • Proper storage place

It is certainly not correct to say that rust and tarnish only occurs because of the chemical reaction but it can also happen because of how you keep your silver jewelry. It is important that you must keep a box covered with a chemical free soft cloth. Ensure that the box is not of wood or cardboard. Furthermore, make sure the box is lined with a tarnish free material. Tarnish is one of the main causes of rust. Therefore you must take precautions when storing your precious clean silver necklace.

In addition to this, you need to make sure that you keep every jewelry item in separate containers. Just to be careful you can keep each piece of jewelry in an individual polyethylene or plastic airtight bags lined with lacquer.