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DIY – Instructions to Care for and Clean Silver Rings

DIY – Instructions to Care for and Clean Silver Rings

When you love someone truly, you will do anything to find ways to take care of them. Similarly, when you buy something for yourself, wholesale silver jewelry, you will do anything to make sure it remains in good condition forever. When it comes to silver rings, it’s quite a job to maintain them. To clean silver rings is another thing, but to also care for them is another. Hence, we’re here today to talk about those specific instructions that you’d need to know to clean and care for.

Read ahead to find everything you need to know about the silver ring’s maintenance.

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DIY Vs. Professional Maintenance To Clean Silver Rings:

DIY means doing something by yourself at home. Professional maintenance, on the other hand, means to get it done by jewelers. The very first comparison that can be done between the two is regarding cost. DIY cleaning and caring are way more reasonable in terms of cost as compared to professional maintenance. With the help of DIY maintenance, wholesale jewelry, you do it by yourself and with the ease of some basic household items. You can find it at your home and you won’t have to spend extra bucks on professional services. Apart from this, the most important thing is convenience.

You can find it at your home and you won’t have to spend extra bucks on professional services. Apart from this, the most important thing is convenience.

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To clean silver rings at home is much more convenient than at a jeweler’s. Convenient in terms of time and guarantee that your silver rings won’t get damaged. At times, jewelry manufacturer, when you are giving away your jewelry to jeweler’s they will most likely return it damaged or ruined. Also, they ask for a few days that means if you need it urgently, you won’t have it soon. In other cases, your clean silver rings might even get misplaced or given to someone else by mistake. In short, professional services can cause a lot of hassle. This is why we suggest you take care of your silver rings and clean them at home.

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Why Is It Important To Care For Silver Rings?

After reading so much, we hope that you’re not bored and confused. Now, we’re coming to the point as to why it’s important to take care of your silver rings. From every other jewelry item, silver rings tend to get tarnished or rusted more quickly. Just for this very reason, it’s important to know a few basic techniques or instructions to clean silver rings. If, however, you don’t own silver rings, but a friend of yours does, then why not share it with them? Below are some reasons why you should start caring for your silver rings.


Reason # 1

They hold a higher tendency to last longer:

The most desirable thing about silver rings is that they’re durable. So, if you really want your silver rings to last longer, then you must know how to care for them.


Reason # 2

Silver is mixed with other metals:

Silver is a very precious metal and might as well come mixed with other metals. Silver rings might also have a diamond on them. So, imagine wearing a tarnished ring with a shiny diamond on it. Odd right? This is why keeping clean silver rings at all times is mandatory to keep them looking brand new.


Reason # 3

Suits all skin types (hypoallergenic):

The best part about silver rings is that they never cause any skin allergies. Sterling silver rings are hypoallergenic that means no skin rashes or irritation. However, if they’re tarnished, then definitely your skin would react to the scraped surfaces.


Reason # 4

Matches well with almost anyone outfit:

The last reason is that you can wear them every day with any outfit of yours. But, by wearing it every day, it would become more prone to getting tarnished. Hence, taking care of it would make it easier for you to maintain your clean silver rings.


DIY Instructions for Cleaning and Taking Care of Silver Rings:

Tip 1:

Use air-tight bags for storage:

Air-tight bags prevent oxygen from coming in. The main reason behind the tarnishing on silver rings is because it gets oxidized. So, to avoid it, make sure that you store your clean silver rings into air-tight bags.

Tip 2:

Avoid wet surfaces:

Wet surfaces are the number one enemy of silver rings. Make sure that you take your rings off when washing hands or while showering or swimming in the pool. Chlorine might severely tarnish your beautiful silver ring, so avoid it during a good day in the pool.

Tip 3:

Always use a microfiber cloth for cleaning:

Microfiber cloths are super soft fabrics. These are perfect for drying and storing your clean silver rings. Make sure to always have one around to look after your silver rings and to maintain their shine.

Tip 4:

Don’t opt for strong chemicals when washing:

By strong chemicals, we mean to say like harsh soaps, bleach, washing detergents or liquids, etc. Using any regular mild soap with warm water is perfect. Just make sure that you don’t leave out your clean silver rings damped for too long. This would only make them further tarnished and dull-looking.

Tip 5:

Heat is a threat to your delicate silver rings:

Yes! You read that right. Sunlight or heat of any kind can cause damage to your silver rings. Make sure you keep them indoors or in containers that are dried and air-tight as well.


Final Thoughts…

To sum up, prevention is always going to be better than a cure. This is why you should always look after your clean silver rings in the most caring ways. With the help of these instructions and reasons, we are sure you’re convinced to look after the best. We hope that you enjoyed reading all about silver rings and their maintenance. Do try these amazing and worthy tips and see the magical results happen right in front of your eyes. We wish you all the best with these instructions and hope that they do work out for you as well.