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How to choose ideal baby custom jewelry that suit your beloved children

How to choose ideal baby custom jewelry that suit your beloved children

Welcome to a continuation of our late article on ‘How to choose ideal baby earrings that suit your beloved children.’ In this series, we propose a guide to helo you choose perfect earrings for your baby. If you are parents expecting newborn or friends of them, Sterling Silver 925 consider getting a pair of nice earrings as a gift for the baby!


The best custom jewelry for your baby


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     Once you have decided, it is necessary to take into account a series of tips that, if you are thinking of buying some earrings for your newborn, are of the utmost importance:

  •  Although many times we get carried away by the temptation to opt for children’s motives or drawings with which we imagine that our baby will be ideal, the first thing we should look for is that, above all, the earrings are safe and adapted for a newborn. Therefore, we must choose models of earrings for babies that do not have hanging elements, since these can pose a danger of tearing (by hooking on the baby’s own clothes or even the person who holds it in arms). And do not worry about the design, there are many beautiful and super original children’s models that, in addition, are designed to meet all safety guarantees, which after all is the most important.
  •  Another aspect that we must take into account is the type of hitch, especially the rear screw of the wholesale earring. To find the ideal model, we must try to make it a flat or blunt screw that avoids the risk of the child rubbing or locking the skin on the neck or face while alone or asleep.
  •  In addition, to avoid allergies, the material must be hypoallergenic. Choose whenever you can 18-carat gold earrings or, failing that, high-quality wholesale custom earrings since these materials reduce the risk of allergic reactions by a high percentage.
  •  Finally, another important detail that we must take into account is the size of the earring and the thickness of the filament that is inserted into the ear. Before buying any earring for a newborn, we must take into account its morphology and try to choose a piece according to its size and age.

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There are more to this series so keep read on to get the most out of our guide! So long!

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