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How much does the diamond pendant costs?

How much does the diamond pendant costs?

Despite the beauty that usually radiates from gemstone pendants, there’s something about diamond pendants that speaks to your soul. Pendants are some of the most incredible ways of dressing yourself up for special occasions.

You’ve gotten all dressed for the night, sprayed some perfume, and put on earrings. Your eyes drifted towards your naked neck and you realize something’s missing. You forgot to wear a pendant.

The second you wear one, your outfit goes up a few notches, turning it into a major ten. That’s what makes pendants the best part of your look. You have to choose these jewelry pieces with careful precision, so it looks good.

In all the options you find in the market, each more glamorous than the last one, diamond pendants hit differently. They come in many shapes and sizes, with vibrant colors, so you can purchase them knowing your budget.

These pendants have their own buying guide that you can certainly look into once you get the hang of the jewelry. It comes in many different forms so you never have to worry about wearing it.

Below we’ve gotten to know the best way to find and calculate how much a diamond pendant costs. Its price would determine whether we can afford it or not.

How much does the diamond pendant costs?


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Aspects that influence the cost of diamonds

There are multiple aspects that influence the cost of diamonds. If you’re on a budget, you need to make sure you take in all the factors that make up a beautiful diamond pendant. These include the 4 Cs that are usually part of a diamond.

You should thoroughly check whether the 4Cs mentioned are present in the pendant you choose. See whether the costs presented are according to the details mentioned in the diamond pendant.


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That’s how you’d figure out how you can generally afford a diamond necklace. The 4 Cs are


Carat is basically the weight of the diamond. Diamonds are stoned that are carefully extracted and pretty rare to find. Due to which the larger they are, the higher their price would be. Carat is how you determine the value of your piece.

However, carat in no way governs the quality of your diamond. No matter how small the stone is, it will be as precious as they come. Even though small diamonds would be cheaper than larger ones. So if you’re on a budget, choose diamonds of a small size.


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Clarity as you would understand by the name determines how scarred the diamond pendant really is. This means getting into the business of choosing diamonds that do not have any blemishes or markings.

There are certain ratings for it where the most flawless diamond is considered to be the most valuable one. It is also highly expensive. The scarring is checked up to 10x magnification. The inclusions that are extremely large and affect the transparency of the stone would be of low value.

It is quite natural to find diamonds with blemishes and inclusions due to their extraction process. They are formed in extreme underground pressure that leads to the stones being scarred. This is why diamonds are extremely flawless and hard to find.


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When created through underground resources, the diamonds are cut with flawless precision. It is usually done with the help of expert craftsmen who work diligently to form such a cut.

This cut is called “facets”, these facets need to reflect as much light as they can. The more light they reflect, the higher their price would be. Due to this detail, you need to make sure you purchase the diamond from an authentic source.


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This is another feature that makes diamonds highly valuable. White diamonds are rare and extremely valuable. Diamonds come in many color options.

Those that are yellowish in color aren’t as precious and have a cheaper price range. However, it’s up to you which pendant color you want to choose as fancy colored diamonds are more expensive.

How are they priced?

One other factor that plays an enourmous role in forming the price of a diamond is the number of stones included in the necklace. The work of the pendant makes up the whole price of the diamond.

If there are more stones in the pendant then the overall price of the diamonds will be high. We can check out its price by helping you understand how they usually place the costs. The blue Nile 3 stone diamond necklace was launched at a pretty high price.

However, that isn’t always necessary. This 1.75 carat solitaire diamond necklace with the chain and everything might be sold at a price of $36,500. This is due to the material of the chain. Whether it’s made with good quality. All these details combine together to make up the whole price of a diamond.


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What is the cost of the most expensive diamond pendant?

The name of the most expensive diamond necklace is “A heritage in bloom”. The pendant is a combination of 11,551 gemstones which include white and pink colored diamonds.

It is basically originated from Hong Kong where a large company purchased the stone “ Cullinan heritage”. They hired expert jewelry to make it into a necklace. diamond pendant

Its centre stone is 104 carats with a price of $35 million. The overall price of the necklace is $200 million.


Diamond pendants have a way of making you look like you’re a queen. The delicacy and elegance that oozes out of the necklace, has quite an effect on your self-esteem. Your confidence boosts providing you the best outlet to improve the way you look at yourself.

Wearing a pendant like this changes your life for the better. Suddenly you feel lighter and more radiant. That’s the way these things usually work. We know how expensive diamond necklaces actually.

This guide would help you navigate through the process of buying a diamond pendant. This way you won’t have a problem while searching for the right pendant for a special occasion.

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