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What are the commonest types of gemstones?

What are the commonest types of gemstones?

Aquamarine: Aquamarine gemstones are the birthstone for people who were given birth in March, but there’s much more reason to value it irrespective of your birth month. The name was drawn from the Latin word for seawater, Wholesale Jewelry, and despite that, it is related to the sea; it’s also been connected with good fortune for engagements.

Now, the majority of loose aquamarine gemstones are found in Pakistan and Brazil. As its name depicts, the color is a pale blue and ranges from about translucent to a brighter turquoise. Beautiful, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, it’s a remarkable choice for any blue outfit you wear; the deeper the blue, the costlier the gemstone will be.

What are the commonest types of gemstones?



Emerald is famous for its pretty green hue and expresses Spring, fertility, and love. Possibly, the most popular figure related to emeralds is Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who wore the stone several days in the week. Like other precious stones, the simplest hues are often very affordable, Jewelry manufacturer, while the brightest colors are sold at the highest prices. A few emeralds also have a bluish tint coloration. A GIA lab testing is then done to know if the green is enough to classify the gemstone as an appropriate emerald.


If you want a gemstone that has beautiful hues for a brooch, bracelet, or earring, the January gemstone may be a brilliant choice. Garnet gemstones are not well-suit for big necklaces or rings; they are relatively milder gemstones with a hardness range of 6.5 on the moh’s scale. Very versatile, garnet gemstones are seen in just virtually every shade you can think of, from deep red to blue-green to Fuschia, Wholesale Jewelry, as well as shades of orange and yellow. Obtained mainly in Sri Lanka, Africa, and Russia, the gemstone depicts mystical power and protection; it is commonly gifted for good fortune.


If you’re looking for a loose gemstone categorized under the green family but is not sold on jades, emeralds are a pretty alternative. It has truly been a valued gemstone in China for as long as 2500 BC, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, connected with the crown, and has even been found in the tombs of old emperors. It is also a sign of protection, and the gemstone is most renowned for its medium green hue with a sheen but in reality is also found in pink, white, yellow, and lavender. Because of this most basic flat disc shape, it’s most famously worn for bracelets, necklaces, and in a few instances, earrings.


This is a very hard gemstone – with a hardness score of 9.5 on the Moh’s scale and then shines more than the majority of diamonds. It is resistant to heat as well, but the shine it produces has several colors and appears in opposition to the original white of diamonds. It is worth at least five hundred dollars per carat compared to diamonds valued at an average cost of several thousand dollars per carat.


It is referred to as the gemstone of “divine love” and has soft hues in pink, peach, and deeper Fuschia. It’s also likely to spot it in salmon and rose tones. Treatment with heat gives off a durable color and improves its vibrancy; it ends up being paler and increasingly pastel and is very famous. Jewelry manufacturer, It is also complementary to a series of skin tones and dresses.


It will be hard for you to find people who don’t know what pearls are. They have been used in ancient societies, and the pearl happens to be the birthstone for June births. These are the only gemstones derived from a living animal and are available in hue from rose to ivory and lilac or even gold. Freshwater pearls happen to be the most costly and valuable and are gotten in four varieties. Very often and budget-friendly are synthetic pearls. They are beautiful options that work brilliantly with increasingly regular and timeless engagement or bridesmaid outfits and are a remarkable option for wedding rings.


Rubies are very popular too and have truly been considered to be “the king of all gems.” It symbolizes love, passion, and courage; the iconic red hue is seen based on its undertones with choices of orange and blue that gradually influence the intensity of the hue. The Burmese Ruby is the most costly and highly valued color, and the color is usually associated with the ruby.


Probably almost just as well-renowned and famous as ruby is the precious sapphire stone which is also the birthstone for September births. The word is actually derived from the Greek word for blue and has been connected with purity, loyalty, and honesty with pretty meanings that contribute layers to the concept of ‘something blue’ for an engagement. Despite that sapphire can be found anywhere in the world, the most valuable gemstones are found in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Sapphires are available in a series of blue hues, but here, deeper sapphires are not that costly.


Spinel gemstones, also regarded as the birthstone for August birth, are substitutes for rubies to an extent as they are much alike in appearance; though, spinels are less common and are also often sold in bigger carats. Apart from deep red, they are also available in pink and orange hues.


Topaz is related to friendship, fidelity, and love. It’s found in blue, gold, pink, brown, white, purple, and rutilated tones that indicate it is beautifully etched to give off light. Yellow topaz is the most budget-friendly, and the least expensive blue is a bit more, but not that much. Topaz is available in many communities, and is believed to be one of the most affordable of gemstones, and is more connected with mass-market jewelry such that it is not used for engagements in most cases.


Tourmaline is one other gemstone that is available in a series of hues. It has even been tagged “Earth’s most colorful gemstone.” It is one of the most famous gemstones traded worldwide and is currently mined in the US as well as Afghanistan to Tanzania, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Namibia. It has a vast number of price points, from cheap to relatively costly for rarer colors. It’s harder than a few gemstones, having a 7 to 7.5 rating, and is most often brown, purple, colorless, green, or multicolored.


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