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Jewel Clasps and closures

Jewel Clasps and closures

Jewelry designers have to make so many decisions when designing jewelry that selecting the best clap is never a priority. However, choosing the perfect clasp is a top priority for a customer. A wrong clasp type makes an ugly jewelry piece, inducing regret. To choose the perfect clasp for the jewelry you are working on, Wholesale Jewelry, you need to be familiar with all the different types available. Over the following few paragraphs, we will break down the different types of jewelry clasps to help you what’s perfect for you. Jewel Clasps

Jewel Clasps and closures

Spring Ring Clasps.

Jewel Clasps

Spring ring clasps are similar to lobster clasps, but they come in circular shapes, unlike the latter. They have a hollow interior with an open inner piece that retracts when you pull the trigger, thereby opening the other end of the jewelry (necklace or chain). They come in numerous sizes and different metal designs. Manufacturers usually imprint them with an engraving, a dual-tone decoration, or even tiny gems. Jewel Clasps

This type of clasp is the most popular, and you can find them on every kind of jewelry, ranging from fine jewelry to costume pieces. Despite its popularity, spring ring clasps are less secure when compared to other types of clasps. This flaw is due to the hollow design and the weakness of the area where it retracts. It is also more likely to break or bend if you strain the necklace or hang it on things, making it a poor choice for bracelets or heavy jewelry. Jewel Clasps

Safety Clasps

Jewel Clasps

The safety clasp is a more popular option for fine jewelry than the spring-ring clasp. This clasp style is more delicate than most other types of clasps. Operating the clasp is also a bit more complicated. You’ll need to insert a tiny hook into the clasp touching a bar in it. Once you feel it touching, slide the hook outwards until it clicks into place. Safety clasps are more secure than spring rings, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, as you need to pinch both ends of the hook to open it.
While this clasp type comes in many different colors, you’re more likely to see a gold or silver-colored safety clasp. Jewel Clasps

Despite the security features of this clasp, it can also be disadvantageous. A glaring downside to safety clasps is their cost. These clasps are more expensive than most other clasp types, making them less popular in everyday jewelry. Also, the tiny hook inside inherits the delicate design of the clasp, bending with repeated use. The safety clasp is an excellent choice for a jewelry clasp, but it sure isn’t for everyday use. You can always keep it for that special jewelry piece that you don’t necessarily wear every day. Jewel Clasps

Lobster Clasp

Jewel Clasps

The lobster is spring-loaded and closes on its own. Pressing down on the lever will open the clasp by swinging the claw inward. It closes once you release the lever. Lobster clasps are available in varying sizes and metal designs, including a version that lets the clasp portion rotate 360 degrees without disturbing the jewelry. Swivel-style lobster clasp works well for bracelets that you don’t wear too frequently. They can perfectly handle light to medium weight jewelry, but you’ll need something sturdier for heavier pieces of jewelry. Jewel Clasps

Buttons Clasp

Jewel Clasps

Buttons may be the oldest form of closures, but they undeniably work well. A button clasp is just like the toggle clasp, but with a button. Bottom clasps are more customizable, and they blend perfectly with most types of jewelry. Manufacturers make buttons from different materials, including metals. Buttons have adjustable designs, as you can add multiple loops of beaded rings. However, Jewelry manufacturer, you want to show that these loops embellish the rings and aren’t annoying to see or wear. Jewel Clasps

Toggle Clasps

Jewel Clasps

Toggle clasps are similar to Buttons, and they make an excellent choice for necklaces as the beads’ weight helps close the clasp. The toggle clasp has a toggle (obviously) that goes through the clasp’s ring for added security. The toggles may have a subtle or decorative and endearing design. Heavier jewelry works well with toggle-type clasps, as the weight only helps keep the toggle in place. Jewel Clasps

If you have bracelets with heavy gemstones or ceramic beads, or both, you should look no further than a toggle clasp. Just make sure that the toggle part overlaps the ring for added security and easy fastening. If you want the jewelry clasp to be the main focus of your entire jewelry piece, a toggle may be the best idea. There are many different colors and finishes, and you can get a toggle clasp made with any material. Jewel Clasps

Magnetic Clasps

Jewel Clasps

Magnetic clasps are the easiest type of clasp to use as they rely on magnets in two halves of the clasp to hold together. They are popular among people with visual problems or problems relating to agility. Due to the presence of a magnet in the clasp, people who use a pacemaker or related medical devices should generally avoid magnetic clasps. Magnetic clasps are available in different sizes, colors, materials, and even budgets. They work with light and slightly heavy jewelry, but most magnetic clasps can’t handle heavy jewelry pieces. Jewel Clasps

Some other clasp designs now incorporate a magnet to make them easily usable for people with dexterity issues. These new clasp designs aren’t only easier to use, but they’re also more secure than non-magnetic ones. However, you should know how to differentiate between a fully-fledged magnetic clasp and another clasp type with an integrated magnet. Jewel Clasps


Jewelry clasps perform almost the most crucial task in a jewelry piece, but they don’t get as much recognition because they’re not as expensive as some transparent stone.
However, having inadequate knowledge of the best jewelry clasps and closures for specific jewelry pieces could have disastrous consequences. You don’t want to retie your chains every minute because you chose heavy jewelry with a spring-ring clasp. In this article, we’ve listed all the types of clasps and closures and the best times to use them. Jewel Clasps

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