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What we are buying chic jewellery affordable

What we are buying chic jewellery affordable

If Marilyn Monroe’s famous saying is to be believed, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, gold and silver are our life-long soul sisters. The jewellery classics fit effortlessly into the nooks and crevices of our diverse sartorial puzzles.
While gold and silver jewellery used to be considered an investment, thankfully for us bling-loving chicks, there is now a slew of budget-friendly, yet equally fashionable, businesses creating some truly amazing pieces that mix both style and substance. Wholesale Jewelry.

Indeed, owing to this sparkling collection of demi-fine and modern companies, jewellery has received an inexpensive makeover that fashionistas can’t get off their lobes, wrists, and necks. Whatever your budget, one of these merchants is certain to have a piece of glitter that will grab your eye. Prepare to jingle. jewellery affordable

What we are buying is chic jewellery affordable

jewellery affordable


You’ve probably seen one of Roxanne First’s designs on your favourite fashion insider; the effortlessly stylish designs have become something of a cult purchase among the fashion elite. After leaving a job in luxury retail and hospitality, First launched the eponymous company in 2018. From initial necklaces to healing crystal charms, her whimsical yet thoughtful designs focus on uniqueness. First’s jewellery will win you significant style points, whether you’re looking for the ideal pair of hoops or want to join the initial necklace club (raises hand). jewellery affordable


Anni Lu’s use of colourful stones and pearls has become a street style sensation, with all the coolest Scandi ladies decked out in her creations. Anni Lu was created by Helle Vestergaard Poulsen, a former creative director of several Danish publications. Her hallmark style is reimagining a traditional strand of pearls with hefty gold pendants and semi-precious stones. Combine these with more classic items, like her simple gold necklaces, and you’ve found the sweet spot of street style. jewellery affordable

jewellery affordable


N-ue, an Antwerp-based company, is on a mission to establish that luxury and sustainability don’t have to be mutually incompatible. Though it was the brand’s focus on ethical and sustainable production that originally drew our attention to N-products, he’s it’s the brand’s concentration on flowing, beautiful designs that have us falling in love. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.
The 18-carat gold used in all of their pieces is sourced, recycled, and refined from scrap gold, resulting in a zero-waste technique that reduces the environmental impact of newly mined gold. jewellery affordable

N-ue also exclusively utilises diamonds that have been produced in a lab utilising CVD technology, ensuring that its items feature diamonds that are not only beautiful in purity and brilliance, but also sustainable and ethical. N-necklaces and bracelets are ultra-fine and feather-light on your skin, but they nevertheless create a striking style statement.


jewellery affordable

Edging Zhang’s statement-making works are certain to stir a conversation. There’s a design to lend considerable interest to even the most modest of outfits, from art-deco-inspired rings to hand-crafted cuffs. Ejina Zhang’s sculptural, thoughtful pieces would feel as at home gracing gallery walls as they do adorning our jewellery box, as she describes her namesake jewellery brand as “wearable art.” The contrast of colourful, patterned resin stones and opulent 18-karat gold settings creates a striking and whimsical take on fine jewellery that is also infinitely wearable. jewellery affordable


jewellery affordable

Daphine was founded in 2017 by friends Damasia Ball and Philippine de Follin to create everlasting jewellery to accompany life’s pleasures and struggles. Observing a void in the market for high-quality jewellery at reasonable rates – For big birthdays, Philippine families used to give gold bangles to the women in the family. jewellery affordable

But when they realised that the price of gold had risen and it was absurd to spend so much on a bangle, the pair saw a gap in the market for well-made jewellery at attainable and honest prices – and Daphine was born. Daphne’s ‘Oli’ ring – a big, massive gold band with edges so circular you simply want to roll your thumb over the top – was the piece that catapulted Daphine into the Instagram stratosphere. Since then, Jewelry manufacturers, it’s been virtually unstoppable. jewellery affordable

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