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Jewellery Collection Gets Guns Off the Streets

Jewellery Collection Gets Guns Off the Streets

Guns & Bullets Gone into Jewelry for a Cause

Jeweler designs and creates bracelets and other valuable jewelry like engagement rings, men’s rings, wedding rings, and a lot more from melted-down guns, rifles, and bullet casings seized and confiscated by police. It’s not your mediocre $300 to $400 stylists and designer jewelry like wristwatches and bracelets. The jewelry business is known as “The Caliber Collection” – and is manufactured from melted-down weapons and armaments taken by police in New Jersey and Newark Jewellery Collection.

Jewellery Collection Gets Guns Off the Streets

Caliber Collection (Jewelry for a Cause)

It is an online company and corporation that was founded and established by Jessica Pollack Mindich, who is a well-known American jewelry architect and designer who founded it in December 2008. Jessica Mindich is now the founder and CEO of this company – Jewelry for a Cause Jewellery Collection.

Mindich reported Reuters, “the Caliber Collection is a series and a line of jewelry created in the section from unauthorized and illegal guns, rifles, and orichalcum projectile or shell casings were taken off the streets and roads of Newark, NJ and, Wholesale Jewelry, a part of the rewards, go backward to Newark Police Department to help their gun buy-back/pardon program.” Newark Police Chief Samuel Demaio has gone down considering the weaponry or weapons besides the street, violations, and crimes rates in Newark Jewellery Collection.

Jewellery Collection

“Previous year, we had about a record-setting time with getting guns away from the street, above 855 guns, and for a year, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, we noticed a decline in crime and murder, for the prime rate in many years. There is a relationship with getting guns off the road and street and consulting your death, killing, murder, and shooting percentage drop.”Jewellery Collection

The initial list of ornaments like pandora bracelets and wedding rings left on buying or sale in late November of 2012. Still, Mindich says transactions and sales have risen after the firing conflict at a primary school in Connecticut. The amount of the pandora bracelets and ornaments ranges from $150 for the iron band or steel-cut to more than $375 for the alloy and metallic bangle with diamonds Jewellery Collection.

Jewelry for a Cause grew successful with federal and private schools by proposing an optional alternative to the conventional school sweatshirts and rings while also allowing an extra fundraising means next to wrapping paper and sweet candy bars. Mindich’s foundation has asked for payment for more than 300 institutions, schools, and charities.

Beginning with rendering and melting metals from bullets and guns that had been seized in old crises and cases, the bangles and bracelets are marked with a consecutive serial number that matches with one of the pieces (guns) got off the streets by the NPD, Newark Police Department. The bracelet shapes are oval, depicting the gun’ trigger cage—20% of the profits from each possession of purchase fund a Gun buyback plan in the future. In 2015, Jewelry manufacturer, Mindich started rebranding Jewelry for a Cause to the Caliber Collection Jewellery Collection.

Gun Buyback


On April 27, 2013, in Newark, NJ, the Newark Police Department and Jewelry for a Cause received a gun buyback. Police seized 210 weapons, including eight attack rifles. Mindich’s business entirely financed the weekend experience by contributing $60,000 from the transactions of the Caliber Collection wristbands and bracelets, even the men’s rings and engagement rings, in whole to the cause Jewellery Collection.

San Francisco

In California, Captain Michael Perry of the Pittsburg Police Department sent Mindich disabled pieces of guns and rifles from the department’s buyback plan and program in the year 2013 for creating the Caliber San Francisco ornaments and pandora jewelry line. A privately financed buyback had gathered 291 weapons, including attack and assault shotguns, handguns, and rifles. “San Francisco” is marked on the center of the jewelry of bracelet for representing the Bay city area. A part of the buying and selling progresses towards ultimate gun buybacks in Pittsburg, California Jewellery Collection.

Other Products


The Talisman necklace series from the web-based online company carries a beauty highlighting a Buddha, harmony symbol, and daisy, to identify a few, where a portion of the deals and sales are contributed to online charity. Other pieces from this group of lines distribute to many different parties, including the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross Japanese earthquake shock and Pacific tsunami flood mitigation works.

In Gratitude

The In Gratitude necklace series is manufactured from recycled paper, barkcloth, and general natural plant dyed by social artisans. The shopping and purchasing of any necklace from this series of lines help the ladies of Uganda generate a sustainable reference source of revenue and income for their families, children, and community Jewellery Collection.

Fighting Gun Violence by Bracelets

Jewellery Collection

Jewelry artist and a famous designer, Jessica Mindich’s bangles, are elegant, smooth, seldom bedazzled, and created from guns. Using shotguns, weapons, revolvers, and rifles from Newark, N.J.’s ordnance buyback program, Mindich created the Caliber Collection, iron, steel, and brass ornaments series of pandora bracelets and pandora charms. Established and founded in 2008, her corporation company, Jewelry for a Cause, has granted higher than $20,000 from its purchases back to Newark’s police authority to extend funding the buyback plans and programs. She speaks to many newspapers and authors about her faith and her company called Jewelry for a Cause Jewellery Collection.

Most Common Question to Her About Jewe3lry for a Cause

How did you perceive the thought for the Caliber Collection?

I filled some time at a discussion in Dec. 2011. [Newark, N.J. Mayor] Cory Booker addressed so superbly and flamingly the deceptive dilemma of illegal criminal gun and rifle brutality and correctly how it transformed Newark. And as a jewelry artist, a personage who designs ornaments as a fundraising agent, I thought, “How can we serve?”

We discussed designing and creating a line of jewelry that was an honest description and talked about how this is a substantial alteration and that getting smuggled guns off the streets would increase the value and nature of the city. The identifying of the set collection evolved considerably after that, and my 12-year-old son identified it. It appeared to go so flawlessly because of the dual entendre of the quality of a piece of item like guns, and when you get criminal guns off the streets, you increase the city’s worth Jewellery Collection.

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