This jewellery designer was created just for single ladies


While Beyoncé sang, “Put a ring on it,” jewellery designer Ruta Fox is pushing women to show some self-love by purchasing their jewels. The Ah Ring is a diamond pinky band that stands for “A, availability, and h, happy,” according to the Greenville, South Carolina-based jewellery designer and entrepreneur. jewellery designer

This jewellery designer was created just for single ladies

jewellery designer

“Single is the new way of life.”

It’s getting more common – there’s a trend that more individuals are living single for longer periods,” Fox says of her clientele. Fox, who is unmarried, was working in the creative department at Bloomingdales in New York City in 2001 and was anxious for a new job due to back problems that had forced her to leave her department store job. jewellery designer

jewellery designer

She remembered seeing singles bringing pizza boxes home from work one evening from her little apartment window — supper for one. Soon after, she had the concept for a single women ring. “Why wait for a man to buy you diamonds?” I reasoned. Rings are worn by married and engaged ladies. There was nothing available on the market for single ladies to purchase. So I made one,” Fox explains. jewellery designer

“I wanted to turn a terrible situation around.

jewellery designer

Feel comfortable about yourself wherever you are for as long you are single. It’s all about being self-assured, cheerful, and content. That emotion is kind of symbolised by the Ah Ring.” Her $450 diamond pinky ring features 11 dazzling stones that surround the band, which she sells on her website,, and ships in a red velvet pouch. She goes on to say that it gives many young women licence to treat themselves to a lovely piece of jewellery as a token of their current achievement. jewellery designer

It also goes beyond the old wives’ myth that if a woman buys diamonds for herself, she’ll never get them from a guy, according to Fox, who has sold roughly 6,000 rings and counts Kate Hudson, Tyra Banks, and Gwyneth Paltrow among her customers. “I have a lot of female notes. They claim that their ring had significance for them. jewellery designer

It meant a lot to them, and it struck a chord with them. Women were enamoured with the sensation, with the emotional aspect of it. “My pinky ring is a symbol of being single,” she explains. Today’s 20-somethings, a new generation of women finishing their educations and settling into their jobs, connect with that kind of camaraderie. “I believe the ring has become a symbol for a lot of women who are deciding to get married later,” says Sherri Langburt, CEO of an influencer marketing business in New York City and a follower of Fox’s tale. jewellery designer

jewellery designer

She goes on to say of Sex in the City‘s contemplative single-girl protagonist and role model, “Everyone has become their own Carrie Bradshaw.” Langport says, “I don’t think marriage is the first goal for a lot of these women.” “They’re both unmarried, and marriage isn’t a priority for them. They’ve built out their own incredible lives, and it’s as if they’re saying, ‘I don’t need a vehicle from a guy, a house from a man, or a ring from a man.’ jewellery designer

Michelle Oliver, a married realtor in Los Angeles, still has two of Fox’s rings stacked on her pinky. She also mentions Fox’s support for the ring’s name, which she describes as “connected and pleased.” “I see myself as having an independent attitude when I wear mine. It’s not anti-marriage; it’s pro-self-sufficiency. jewellery designer

Yes, I am married, but there is still a modern side to me as a woman who is ready to live. Fox aims to communicate this mood and symbolism. She believes that women, whether single or married, should be content. I think this is a wonderful way to demonstrate that togetherness, and I believe women respond positively to it.” jewellery designer

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