Jewelry with a purpose

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Jewelry can be a symbolic representation for many and can be worn as a sign of respect or to identify someone as belonging to a part of a group. Jewelry is worn on the body and has a direct effect. A ring worn for a long time will leave an indentation, not wearing the same necklace again will feel weird. They become a part of our routine. However, jewelry can also be worn to manifest and achieve goals in life. Simple things can help attract goals. Gems and stones have attraction powers that may just help you towards your goals.

Jewelry with a purpose


Jewelry with a purpose

With gems and stones, the one we want to start with is this yellow stone. You may think it’s just a stone and looks extensively ordinary, but this is the best stone for abundance and bringing in what you manifest. Legend holds that a deceiving god had made something that helped the person who possessed it with powers to have their wishes granted to make the whole thing believable the object was covered in these stones Jewelry with a purpose.

You may be thinking about how and why would I be telling you this, and how you’d wear it? Well, this can be put into a necklace or a ring or anything which you’d prefer. The yellow stone fixed into a silver necklace looks beautiful and simple and can be appreciated by anyone. The stone could also be worn in a necklace which brings attention to it almost instantly and the color silver compliments the yellow stone as opposed to gold Jewelry with a purpose.

Multiple stores offer this stone in their jewelry can be bought off the respected website to save time. Buying directly from the site will also help you have more options and variations available in Jewelry with a purpose.

Clear Quartz

Jewelry with a purpose

Clear quartz is known as an abundance crystal. These are mostly pretty big and have a beautiful outlook to them. You can find these in multiple gems and stone stops and you’ll be able to sort them out at first glance since they’re clear, big, and have white streaks running across them Jewelry with a purpose.

These Quartz are known to purify the energy and bring your goals to reality. Most people arrange a crystal basket around this crystal and it is known to clarify the energy of other crystals as well and it helps manifest your goals more easily. Most people tend to tell others to place cuts of writings underneath the crystal to help it manifest your goals and bring things into reality Jewelry with a purpose.

You can place it in your house or have someone make custom jewelry out of it. When it comes to a quartz shaping it and making it smaller is an option but the rustic look of the quartz stays the same. The jewelry made with these is a little more rustic and would look beautiful in every ring or as earrings Jewelry with a purpose.

Such pieces are very appreciated and would look beautiful if worn casually or paired up as a ring on a fancy occasion Jewelry with a purpose.


Jewelry with a purpose

If you are someone who enjoys living in a spiritual world and likes being connected through the other world with your dreams then you should opt for an amethyst. It’s a spiritual connector and will present you with vivid dreams. For your crystal manifestation, you should realize how dreams can be used to make things come true. Vivid dreams can help you realize a world that exists beyond this one. Each and everything felt in a vivid dream feels extensively real. While you lay in your bed dreaming of things you want to come true.

Amethyst is a purple color that pops on anyone who wears it. It looks beautiful being in a bowl of crystals but it would look beautiful when paired with a good ring mold or a necklace.

Something like this would compliment daily wear as well as fancy. It complements the person and makes your spiritual aura more prominent. To make your dreams come true you can pair these with a stronger bond of gems and crystals to make a connection. The entire bond will make things come true and make your vivid dreams a part of your reality.

Tiger’s eye.

Jewelry with a purpose

Manifestation and victory can be a big deal. You want to have the motivation to work towards your goals and have things work out your way. Tigers’ eye helps in this. The stone has a mixture of colors which makes the stone look like a tiger’s eye Jewelry with a purpose.

These stones when combined with the right type of mixtures and surroundings of crystals it can help you get to your goals. While pushing you and giving you the courage to achieve them. The stone is big and heavy and isn’t the best when worn around the neck without making a statement. You can turn these into rings but the prettiest thing I found in my personal opinion a bracelet with multiple balls of stones surrounding the wrist looks the best Jewelry with a purpose.

These stones can be replaced with the ones that help bring energy to you and make things even more powerful for you. Your time and energy will be spent in the right direction and things will turn out to be the best in your favor. It is a great stone and anyone whose energy aligns with it should wear these for more success Jewelry with a purpose.


Jewelry can be beautiful and beneficial at the same time. They make statements when worn by celebrities but when worn in rings and earrings you can use these stones to bring the right energy toward you and use crystals such as clear quartz to clear the energy of any toxic spirits and energies. Each of these makes beautiful statement pieces that will help you bring your goals and dreams into reality. Invest in your well-being and spiritual enlightenment Jewelry with a purpose.

A collection of jewelry statement pieces that will help you manifest your goals and look good. Jewelry with a purpose will help you get where you want to be.

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