Home Jewelry blog Top 7 unforgettable lovely jewelry plans you can do in Spain and Europe!

Top 7 unforgettable lovely jewelry plans you can do in Spain and Europe!

Top 7 unforgettable lovely jewelry plans you can do in Spain and Europe!

Welcome to the second part of the series! In this ‘Top 7 unforgettable lovely jewelry plans you can do in Spain and Europe!’ series, wholesale jewelry, we explore top destinations you can visit and the events you can enjoy in Spain! 

 Spain is a European country with marvelous culture, wholesale silver jewelry, favorable people, jewlery manufacturer, and wonderful weather! The Spanish speaking country is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe for both Europeans and foreigners because it has everything from mountains to fantastic cuisine. Can’t wait anymore? Let’s get to it then! 

 Spend a few days in a rural house with lovely jewelry

   If you also like the countryside and the mountains, another different plan may be to enjoy a few days in a rural house. A plan that children will love, as they can enjoy nature and can see and be with different animals in the area. lovely jewelry In almost all locations, you can find rural houses with different activities for children and not-so-children.

You will enjoy healthy and healthy breakfasts and meals, country walks and activities such as hiking or boat trips in the area if there is a lake or river — a unique opportunity for children to know nature and its possibilities.


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Plans to practice adventure sports

   For those who are unable to spend 15 days sunbathing on a towel on the beach, a good option is to practice adventure sports such as hiking, rafting, climbing, or windsurfing. Always carefully and following all necessary safety measures. Children should even practice these sports with the follow-up of a specialized monitor.


Summer is the best time to practice water sports such as snorkeling or scuba diving and discover the incredible beauties of our seabed. You can discover the fish of unforgettable shapes and colors and even sea urchins or seahorses — a unique occasion for lovers of the sea and its fauna and flora.


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 Visit local markets

   Another good idea is to visit the street markets with your friends to buy bags, summer dresses or beach bags. Surely you will find some bargain that will cheer you up for the summer and that you will enjoy with its relaxed and typical atmosphere. You can also get to know the crafts of the area and buy typical products of the gastronomy of the land.


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 Get to know European cities.

   Have you thought about changing your vacation on the typical beach for a tour of European cities? Make plans to spend a different summer. This is a good occasion thanks to the good weather to know countries like Italy, France, Holland, Greece or Great Britain. You will enjoy unforgettable places such as the Louvre Museum or a Vaporetto tour of the Seine in Paris. Even if you are young and you dare to live great adventures, you can take the opportunity to do the Interrail and spend a good part of your vacation knowing Europe. A different way to spend the summer and at the same time to know charming cities and towns.

 Summer is the best season to rest and regain strength for winter, but also to enjoy free time and make different plans with your family and friends. Do not forget and schedule this year original and unforgettable getaways.


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