Home Jewelry blog 6 pro hacks to ensure you never go wrong with your marcasite bracelet choice.

6 pro hacks to ensure you never go wrong with your marcasite bracelet choice.

6 pro hacks to ensure you never go wrong with your marcasite bracelet choice.

It’s no news in the jewelry world that marcasite is getting more and more sought after. Based on this, In this article today,

marcasite bracelet we will share six effective (and legitimate!) ways to get your hands on the best marcasite bracelets. And trust us when we say that they work!

Marcasite has indeed become a must-have for all women out there – young or old, fashionista or classic. marcasite bracelet

This highly popular bracelet has definitely grown beyond just a simple accessory to adorn your outfit. It holds a lot of sentimental value;

it’s an affirmation of your personal taste and style, as well as a statement of who you are at the core. marcasite bracelet

Marcasite has been used in jewelry making because of its properties: high luster, strong sparkle, and ornamental appearance. marcasite bracelet

Marcasite is a type of hard translucent to an opaque mineral that comes in silver or gold tones. But the thing about marcasite jewelry is its unique luminous quality.

Just when you thought you’d seen every shade there is of white, yellow, green, and brown pearls, it turns out marcasite also has different color options too:

amber-colored for those who are looking for an orangey touch; champagne which provides a lively mix between golds and whites;

honey adds a soft creamy effect; sunset with its rustic red hues brings warmth to classic pieces; while gemstones will provide the elegance you need depending on your taste.

So what’s so “magical” about marcasite? It’s not just the way it sparkles in different colors; you can also give it an extra layer of meaning to your special piece.

Marcasite has numerous symbolic meanings: A symbol of wealth: Marcasite jewelry is known for its high quality and value;

marcasite bracelet thus, wearing a marcasite bracelet will instantly impress whoever notices your accessory. marcasite bracelet

The gift that keeps on giving: This stone never loses its shine, unlike other gemstones that fade as time passes by.

And guess what! You can wear it every day! An eternally beautiful white gold alternative: If you’re into yellow gold but are off because of the price issue or maintenance, marcasite jewelry will be a great alternative. marcasite bracelet

A show-stopper: This classic bracelet will surely complete your look! It’s an object of desire that everyone would love to have because of its beauty and simplicity – the material itself is very versatile, going with any outfit you wear.

An anniversary gift remembered forever: Marcasite jewelry is said to signify eternal love, abundance, wealth, and happiness.

So for your next anniversary gift, I suggest you get something made of marcasite for them! Your partner will surely remember this special day whenever they wear it.

As much as marcasites are growing in popularity nowadays, there still lies a few myths about it that need to be debunked.

For one, some people believe marcasite is not an imitation of other jewelry materials and that it’s a real gemstone that has been used for centuries!

You will find marcasites in many earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets from reputable jewelry designers all over the world. marcasite bracelet

What’s more interesting about this stone is its properties as well: it possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects,

which makes it highly beneficial for people with rheumatism and arthritis; it can also help increase your stamina; relieve you from stress,

and most important of all – protect you against diseases (such as cancer!) A true must-have beauty accessory indeed? marcasite bracelet

6 pro hacks to ensure you never go wrong with your marcasite bracelet choice.

marcasite bracelet

So how should you pick the best marcasite bracelet out there?

Let’s check it out

For starters, get to know the different types of marcasite’s available. If you’re planning to wear this bracelet every day, marcasite bracelet silver

choose something made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship since it will be subject to regular use (and abuse) over time.

Make sure that the size is comfortable on your wrist. marcasite bracelet Even if it needs adjusting, make sure the adjustment is just a little.

This is one of the reasons it is highly recommended that you buy your bracelets yourself instead of sending someone. marcasite bracelet

Fake marcasites are easy to spot because they lack the properties that make them a truly unique gemstone: When looking at its lustrous finish,

you should be able to see your reflection on the metal surface and feel that there’s weight behind it—fake ones are too light. On top of that, fake marcasites will eventually fade within a short period of time.

You can also make use of the “scratch test”: Take a coin or ring with you wherever you go and scratch it against your marcasite bracelet to see if there’s any whitish residue that comes off on your precious piece.

If there is, then it means you’re wearing fake marcasites. Real marcasites won’t bring out any form of substance.


marcasite bracelet


Marcasites are also naturally sensitive to heat, which is why you should never expose them to extreme temperatures;

high summers and intense sunlight will cause them to lose their shine! Be sure to choose a good quality marcasite bracelet that can withstand everyday wear and tear. marcasite bracelet

Marcasite that have a dull finish is said to be of lower quality and not as appealing. The best thing about low-quality marcasite is that they are so easy to spot.

It’s just like how you can immediately tell the difference between a dirty and clean cloth. You obviously don’t need a soothsayer for that. marcasite bracelet

Lastly, you must be able to distinguish between an imitation and the real thing. For one, you can check if the bracelet has a hallmark (a clear trademark stamp or imprint) that indicates its authenticity.

marcasite bracelet It is also highly advisable to purchase your marcasite jewelry from a reputable store that will surely give you the best quality possible.


marcasite bracelet


There are so many scammers out there looking for how to play on the intelligence of jewelry buyers. marcasite bracelet

A marcasite bracelet is an amazing piece of jewelry to have for any occasion – formal or casual, young or old, and for both men and women!

So don’t miss this chance to own one now! You can look through various designs of high-end marcasite bracelets on different online stores.

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