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Best Wholesale Marcasite Pendant: Ultimate guide

Best Wholesale Marcasite Pendant: Ultimate guide

Welcome to our best wholesale marcasite pendant guide. Here you will find everything about this amazing jewelry piece. The purpose of this guide is to help you get familiar with it and learn what options you have as a wholesaler when buying a marcasite pendant like that. Hopefully, you will find the right information here to help you make a decision. So let’s get started right away!

One of the most interesting and unique jewelry pieces is a marcasite pendant. This jewelry piece can be very elegant if used properly, but also it is trendy enough not to be seen as an outdated option. In every case, your customers will surely appreciate adding such a fashion accessory to their collection. Therefore, this article is meant to provide you with all the necessary information about what makes this jewelry piece special and how you can use it in your business.

marcasite pendant

First of all, the main characteristic of pendants made out of marcasite metal is that they have many different surface reflections. These reflections are caused by the fact that marcasite contains many different minerals in its structure, it’s surface characteristics. Many of these mineral surfaces give this jewelry piece such a special look [ and allow it to reflect light effortlessly] and make it very desirable.

The best method for cutting marcasite jewelry pieces into those amazing pendant shapes is laser cutting. This process allows for more precise cuts and much cleaner cuts than other methods available on the market. Therefore, lasers are one of the main reasons why marcasite pendants took over from other types of gemstones in terms of popularity. You can also use lathes to cut your jewels out of marcasite metal sheet stock (which was originally a more classic method). In any case, the result will surely be worth your while.

When it comes to jewelry production processes related to marcasite pendants, you have many options. Like already mentioned before, it is possible to cut these jewelry pieces manually with lathes or similar tools. Of course, modern technologies allow for even better methods of molding and casting these beautifully shaped jewelry pieces into the desired shape [ use silicones]. You also can use the electroforming process for making them as well. If performed correctly, these three different molding and casting methods can bring you very unique-looking final products which are not available anywhere else on the market.

marcasite pendant

A large number of surface reflections that come from marcasite metal structures are what makes this jewelry piece so unique. It is also worth noting that, in some cases, the surface of a marcasite pendant can be polished to enhance its shine even more. This type of polishing is very delicate and requires special care on your part. Therefore, only those who have professional experience should attempt polishing their own marcasite jewelry pieces or get them done.

Best Wholesale Marcasite Pendant: Ultimate guide

Types of Marcasite Pendants

marcasite pendant

There are several different types of marcasite pendants to choose from, however, these pieces share similar qualities because they are all made out of the same precious metal. One of those qualities is that Marcasite jewelry pieces are malleable, which means that you can mold them into completely different shapes and sizes. This characteristic makes it very versatile as a precious metal for jewelry making.

You will find two major categories when it comes to marcasite jewelry pieces: classic and contemporary. The key difference between these two categories is in their form factor. Classic pieces are more rounded, while contemporary ones have a modern look [ especially if you use any type of casting method]. Because of this difference in form factor, classic marcasite pendants tend to have a more elegant look than contemporary versions. However, they are both very in demand among modern jewelry makers. Therefore, you can surely use them for your business as well [ just be sure to choose the category which suits your own line of products].

Marcasite pendants come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular ones include squares, ovals, and rectangles. Avoid using these shapes when creating classic jewelry pieces, as it will give your product that casual appearance. This is because those types of traditional jewelry pieces were made out of even more natural-looking materials like wood or stone. But if you want to create contemporary marcasite pendants, then go ahead and create them in sizes other than rectangular shapes.

marcasite pendant

Marcasite pendants can also be pear-shaped, spherical, or triangular. However, both rounded and sharp corners on these specific shapes are not very popular among modern jewelry makers. If you want to avoid complex designs and only use some of the basic shapes for contemporary marcasite pieces, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and spheres might be a good idea. These four shapes are easy to mold, which means that you probably will not have any difficulties creating them properly [ just make sure that the edges are smooth].

When it comes to finishes for marcasite tennis pendants, there are no limits in terms of your imagination. The classic version would usually have a polished finish with a flat hammered surface, while contemporary pieces may include a beaded or brushed surface. The more modern designs in this category usually have either a rounded polished or matte finish. There are several other types of precious metal jewelry pieces which look similar to marcasite pendants, including:

Precious Metal Jewelry Pieces Similar to Marcasite Pendants

The main difference between these two precious metals and marcasite is that malachite is a lot more brittle than the latter. This means that it usually will not last long despite having extremely high quality. It can be used for those who want something really rare. Just make sure that your customers understand the nature of malachite [ especially if you plan to use this type of metal for making classic jewelry pieces]. Its age can never match traditional materials like wood or stone.

Sterling silver, being a very advanced material, is even more than just a softer metal than marcasite. It is also highly versatile because it can be polished in different ways [ one of which is making goods look like stainless-steel jewelry].

This leaves you with many possibilities for creating beautiful pieces to sell to your customers. Just make sure that the edges are smooth and do not have any burrs on them.
In conclusion, with the help of our tips, you will be able to find out everything about the right way how to start a wholesale business selling marcasite pendants as soon as possible.

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