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8 Tips to style a Marcasite Ring

8 Tips to style a Marcasite Ring

Marcasite rings are great classic pieces that can be worn with any of your other gold and precious jewelry. Wholesale Jewelry, They look especially good when paired with silver, diamonds, or black enamel.

These rings were more popular during the Victorian Era and Edwardian Era, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, between 1880-1920. It was mostly worn by middle-class women from the United Kingdom. This type of jewelry was also favored “because it looked gorgeous,” according to an antique jeweler in London. Marcasite is a stone that contains iron alloys mixed with some other material like pyrite (another kind of stone).

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Marcasite’s color ranges from grey to green, and its chemical formula is FeS2 -Iron sulfide. The word “marcasite” came from Marc, a synonym for iron. The unique texture and color of Marcasite made it so popular. Marcasite rings used to be very cheap in the old days, and people who lived during the Victorian era were usually poor, so they had them. The ones rich enough to afford silver or gold always bought diamond rings instead.

This ring is typically used as an engagement or wedding band but can also be worn on another finger. The color and clarity selection of the stone will depend on the buyer’s personal taste, Jewelry manufacturer, but it should have some diamonds to give sparkle to the yellow metal setting.

Marcasite goes by many names, including iron pyrite, Stannic pyrites, neo marcasite, iron pyrites, and Marcasite. It is also called ‘fools’ gold’ because it has a very similar look to that of gold. Marcasite ring settings are made of yellow metals such as brass, bronze, or silver. Marcasite rings are also popular among celebrities and the Hollywood crowd because they are relatively easy to obtain as opposed to diamonds and emeralds.

The marcasite gemstone itself is not rare, but this type of jewelry can be difficult to find at multiple retailers, unlike online sites like e-Bay because supply is low. In addition, these pieces run on the smaller side when it comes to size, which makes them harder for some people to fit comfortably on their fingers. Marcasite rings come in a variety of different cuts and shapes. Some examples include round, princess-cut, cushion cut, and emerald cut. The stone’s color is dark brown to pale yellow in appearance, while its luster is metallic.

Marcasite has a hardness level of 3 on the Mohs scale, which means it can be scratched easily by harder materials such as gold and certain metals like titanium. As earlier said, Marcasite rings are often times purchased by people who are looking for an alternative gemstone in their engagement ring to the more traditional diamond but do not have enough money saving for a real diamond because marcasites cost significantly less than diamonds.

The price of this stone is relatively low compared to that of other precious stones like sapphire, ruby, emerald, and tanzanite, which make them an ideal selection for modern brides-to-be who place value on affordability over extravagance. Either way, the aim is to look good! This is why this article has been written today, to enlighten you about eight ways you can stylishly rock your Marcasite ring.

8 Tips to style a Marcasite Ring

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1. The key to styling marcasite rings is pairing them appropriately with other diamond-studded jewels or silver jewelry. This way, you will avoid looking out of place and instead look harmonious in whatever event you attend.

2. Wear marcasite rings for special occasions – bridal parties, birthdays, or anniversaries – as these simple pieces never fail to make an impact among guests. Women usually prefer wearing them at parties and events rather than to their offices. All these just so they can make a dramatic entrance.

3. It is easy to tell if you have the right type of marcasite rings for your outfit because it blends well with whatever you wear, but if in doubt, do not hesitate to bring your pieces along when shopping for clothes. Marcasite jewelry ring looks best on darker-colored outfits or textured dresses like lace and linen.

4. When it comes to color palette matching, always opt for gold – whether yellow or white – in order to be perfectly coordinated even with the simplest of other silver pieces that you hold dear. However, this does not mean that marcasite jewelry rings work well with diamonds and platinum! You just need to make sure that there are no other colored gems in your outfit.

5. For a more casual and luxurious look, try wearing your marcasite rings with vintage-looking enameled dresses or necklaces made of black opal. They will also go well with vibrant colors like emerald green or orange.

6. In order to create an elegant effect when wearing marcasite jewelry, avoid any cluttered look by pairing them with simple outfits instead. This way, you can be sure that the stone’s charm will shine through!

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7. The color white marcasite ring piece is also exceptional because it always gives off the feeling of sophistication and elegance regardless of the event. For instance, if you are wearing a formal gown or a dress with fair detailing, go for the ever-classic white marcasite ring to add that dash of color.

8. As much as possible, avoid matching marcasite jewelry with outfits and accessories in pastel shades, for they already have their own charm. If you think the match will look good together, then, by all means, wear them together! Just make sure there are no other colored gemstones used on your outfit.

An ordinary goldsmith must have special skill and patience in order to be able to craft this type of ring. To start with, Marcasite is very brittle, making it easy to break or chip. Goldsmiths will need to invest plenty of time and effort just perfecting the basic process for working on them. Making sure that every step is done right can bring an ordinary ring into excellence, thereby distinguishing itself from all others. It takes years upon years before one can master the craft-making marcasite rings. In case you have a Marcasite Ring, don’t forget to follow these tips and rock it on that special occasion.

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