Home Jewelry blog Is marcasite worth investing your money in?

Is marcasite worth investing your money in?

Is marcasite worth investing your money in?

Have you recently come in possession of some marcasite jewelry? Or has curiosity gotten the better of you? No matter the reason, marcasite has a valuable presence in the jewelry market.

The material might not be as expensive but is a great jewelry material for all. You might have often come across this kind of jewelry and had found little information about it. Marcasite is the center selling jewelry material for brands.marcasite worth investing

There are many brands in the fashion industry that are solely subject to themselves to marcasite jewelry. It’s highly famous for its use in family heirlooms due to its durability and structure. Wholesale Jewelry.

The material is so refined that it would last a lifetime with you wearing it every day. Let’s not forget about its maintenance.marcasite worth investing  If you’re looking for a jewelry piece that you would like to wear daily, marcasite is a great option.

You can wear it any day every day for as long as you want and not worry about it getting damaged. Just make sure you take care of it as well. marcasite worth investing

With all of this information, you decide to decide whether you want to invest your money in it. Every spending comes with a lot of logistics so do that and come up with a decision.

Is marcasite worth investing your money in?

marcasite worth investing

What is Marcasite?

Marcasite is a certain mineral that is not actually what we all call marcasite jewelry. The jewelry pieces that are marcasite are fool’s gold which is also called iron pyrite. marcasite worth investing

It is confused with marcasite due to its similar property of having a particular sheen after the finishing. This is the best way to explain this misunderstanding. This then eventually turned out to be called marcasite as its common name.

Even though marcasite has a somewhat similar chemical formation, it undergoes treatment differently. The whole mineral when put in the same position as iron pyrite to make jewelry, would crystallize differently. This would lead it to be considered in a completely foreign mineral species. marcasite worth investing

Despite its eye-catchy property of crystallization, the mineral is unfortunately not made for jewelry. When molded or manipulated for production, the mineral simply turns into fine dust. Due to this, this isn’t appropriate to make jewelry. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

In contrast with marcasite, iron pyrite is highly durable and can handle any sort of manipulation done on it. It gets under your skin and molds the very nature of itself. It is extremely hard due to which it can easily be used to make jewelry.

marcasite worth investing

Other benefits

You might get surprised by what this hard mineral has to offer. marcasite worth investing The mineral can do more than just mold itself into jewelry. It is said that iron pyrite has healing powers. According to famous gurus, the mineral can provide ailment to your mind and spirit.

It is recommended to meditate with iron pyrite as it balances out your energies, providing you internal peace. The marcasite is also said to be the best way to boost confidence and improve your well-being. Bet you never thought of it this way, did you?

It might seem like just superstitions but science also has a lot to say about it. It is discovered that the mineral regulates oxygen which can be proved because of all the sulfur.

It is mentioned that 80% of the sulfur extracted from the oceans is due to this very mineral. Scientists previously underestimated the inclusion of pyrite in the formation of oxygen. marcasite worth investing

However, they are now proved completely wrong due to it. What we can do is find the best way to make use of marcasite as a way to give back to our bodies.

marcasite worth investing

Is marcasite worth it?

If you’ve recently been hunting for jewelry in the market, you might have noticed marcasite pieces to be cheap. Since marcasite has a lot of names and often comes up on big brands, this might have been surprising. marcasite worth investing

Yes, marcasite isn’t all that expensive and can easily be afforded. However, the jewelry is still worth something. marcasite worth investing Just because it isn’t worth a lot of money doesn’t make it any less valuable.

The material is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Leave out its value in numbers, the mineral looks extremely classy when worn with a great outfit. It’s never out of style and is famous to be used to make heirlooms.

marcasite worth investing

How to check if it’s authentic

There are a bunch of tricks that will help you make sure you’re jewelry is authentic or not. You can do this by making sure there’s a stamp on the jewelry. If it’s sterling silver then 925 should be engraved on the back of it.

marcasite worth investing That will be your first indication that the piece is genuine. You can also check out its shine and sparkle as it would be exactly like a diamond.

Also, note that all the stones attached to it should be placed with glue. If there’s a fastener present at the back, the marcasite piece is not authentic.

marcasite worth investing


What’s amazing about this material is its ability to be easily maintained. marcasite worth investing You just have to make sure you don’t let it come in contact with water. The stones attached would immediately become loose and fall. Jewelry manufacturer.

If you want to clean the jewelry, make sure to use a damp cloth. That would easily take out all the stains that might appear on it. Jewelry with iron pyrite is highly unlikely to tarnish so it is great to wear it everywhere you go.

marcasite worth investing


Now that you are fully informed about all the properties that marcasite possesses, you can take the next step. That is to decide whether marcasite is valuable enough to be considered worth it. marcasite worth investing

If you’re thinking from a business point of you or as just a buyer, it’s up to you. Do you want to add this piece of jewelry material to your jewelry collection? Contemplate all the information provided to you and think about what will be best for your jewelry collection.

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