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7 Expert Tips for Matching Your Marcasite Bracelets and Outfits

7 Expert Tips for Matching Your Marcasite Bracelets and Outfits

Accessories that have been adored ever since they were first introduced and worn by ancient civilizations, are still in vogue today. Wholesale Jewelry, One such item is the Marcasite bracelets. This jewelry item has often been featured on the arms of women belonging to royal families, aristocrats, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, and celebrities, because of their ability to complement any kind of outfit be it a casual one or a formal one. Wearers would look glamorous all day long while sporting this accessory on their wrists. The popularity of Marcasite jewelry pieces has increased tremendously over the years. Matching

If you are someone who is just starting to wear Marcasite beads, it may take some time to get used to wearing them. However, once you do get the knack of putting on your own pair, you will be able to easily match it with any outfit. If you are someone who likes to choose versatile jewelry pieces, Jewelry manufacturer, you might want to purchase a set of beads that would match your outfits perfectly. In this case, most experts suggest purchasing silver Marcasite bracelets or gold Marcasite bracelets because they can be worn with different kinds of outfits Just follow

7 Expert Tips for Matching Your Marcasite Bracelets and Outfits


these 7 expert tips on how you can easily match your Marcasite bracelets and outfits:

1) Whenever you want to buy yourself a new piece of Marcasite jewelry, be sure that you get a good quality gemstone bracelet. Intricate details and fine craftsmanship make these pieces stand out from others; with an enormous variety available online across several stores, you are sure to find one that suits your individuality. Now, If you are one of those people who love to pair their Marcasite bracelets with almost anything, then go ahead and wear them with your floral tops. This kind of outfit really highlights the delicate nature of this piece while making it appear light and airy at the same time. Matching

2) These kinds of gemstone bracelets bring an edgy yet glamorous look when worn with a plain black leather belt. It is advisable not to overdo this combination by also adding other accessories since it could turn out looking too noisy! Matching

3) A Marcasite bracelet looks great when paired with jeans and skirts crafted from denim fabric in a contrasting color or pattern. This jewelry item goes well with printed tops if the patterns are similar but not exactly matching. It’s a good idea to pair them up with flats or sandals especially for daytime wear because of their delicate sparkle. At night, you can lift off the outfit by wearing this piece with your favorite stilettos. Matching

4) The visual appeal of Marcasite jewelry is heightened when it has been paired with gold bangles or bracelets, especially those that have engraved details. If you are wearing a strapless evening gown in a color that doesn’t match the bracelet’s tone, choose to wear it on your right wrist and let the textile drape down over it accordingly. Matching

5) If you have an oval face shape then why not flaunt your angles by adding this gemstone bracelet to your outfit? You can also use it as an accentuate detail if you are just looking for something minimalistic; just don’t pair them up with anything other than plain jewelry items because then, they would look unbalanced. Matching

6) When you want to achieve an extremely chic look, be sure to include either a Marcasite bracelet or rings in your ensemble. You can wear them with white and black ensembles almost any time of the day unless you are wearing them for your professional job.

7) For women who love wearing accessories that have been crafted from wildlife-friendly materials, a Marcasite bracelet is just perfect for them. The silver work on these pieces makes them suitable for both casual and formal occasions; choose to wear one that has polished details so as not to distract people away from your other gemstone jewelry items (if you are wearing any). It goes well when worn with coiled bracelets or bangles made from silver. Matching

You know that Marcasite beads are quite hard and durable. That is why they have been used in the making of bracelets for over two thousand years! However, there are instances wherein you may find your bracelets becoming dull or having tiny marks on their surface. If this happens, just take a small amount of toothpaste and rub it into the dulled portion of your Marcasite bracelets. Wash the piece with water and dry it with a soft cloth to get rid of any marks. Matching

Marcasite jewelry pieces are quite popular among women and are usually worn for special occasions or informal settings. However, that does not mean you cannot wear them on ordinary days as well. There are times when you may want to just wear something light and simple. If that is the case, just grab your Marcasite bracelets. They go well with all kinds of attire, be it something casual or formal. Matching

Whether your Marcasite jewelry pieces have been in use for a long time or not, there will come a time when you will not want to wear them because your skin may be sensitive or allergic to the metal. In such a case, just find a similar material like coral beads which are also easy on the skin, and place them in between the Marcasite beads for an attractive look. Matching

Other Tips

If you are wearing a dress that does not have an elaborate pattern nor a color that matches the bracelet’s shade, just let your Marcasite jewelry pieces be the main focal point by letting them flow down on your arms. Matching

When you are wearing a dress with intricate detailing of fabric or an outfit that is mostly made from plain-colored material, make sure to wear a large and colorful Marcasite bracelet on your right hand. It will add a lot of brightness to your outfit. If you are a romantic at heart and want to sport something that is suitable for every occasion, go ahead and wear Marcasite jewelry pieces together with other delicate-looking gemstones like freshwater pearls or possibly moonstone stones. Matching

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