Home Jewelry blog Can you polish the marcasite necklace at home?

Can you polish the marcasite necklace at home?

Can you polish the marcasite necklace at home?

Marcasite Jewelry is made from colored, fragile stones known as pyrite. Pyrites are gems that come in metallic, darker colors making them marcasite jewelry. In the fashion world, we need marcasite jewelry which is available in various types showcasing intricate, beautiful designs with perfect details.

Can you polish the marcasite necklace at home?

polish the marcasite

To keep jewelry fresh and polished at all times you need to keep a check on it on a timely basis. It is one of the royal-looking jewelry pieces which you need to carefully check and clean properly to get rid of dirt. The utmost key to maintaining the shine of marcasite jewelry is to keep them polished at all times. Give limited exposure to air and sulfur so that there is no discoloration or rusting on ut. There are certain tips and tricks on how you can polish a marcasite necklace at home.

Ways to polish marcasite necklace at home:

polish the marcasite

Dive in to have a look:

Using toothpaste and toothbrush:

With the diverse range of cleaning methods for marcasite jewelry using this technique of toothbrush and toothpaste makes your jewelry polished. Apply a certain amount of toothpaste over the toothbrush. Next, wipe all dirt from your favorite jewelry.
Why does toothpaste help in polishing jewelry? Toothpaste comprises chloride along with other substances which makes it an effective method for cleaning jewelry. polish the marcasite

Toothpaste does not spoil the original color and shine of your jewelry. Make sure to gently clean your marcasite jewelry using a damp, soft cloth. Avoid using hot water and soaps. Do not use detergents, chemicals, or silver baths. Marcasite jewelry is fragile so make sure you avoid using any hard acids on it as it can ruin the jewelry. polish the marcasite

Using cotton cloth:

polish the marcasite

For cleaning marcasite jewelry, you can also use a cotton cloth. Just soak your beautiful jewelry in a degreasing solution like adding water with two to three drops of dishwashing solution. Once you are done cleaning the delicate jewelry, make use of a soft cloth for removing the dirt. The marcasite Jewelry needs a soft touch which is perfectly done using the cotton cloth. Soap and detergent are not harmful but they can remove the glue of the stones which are set in place. Make sure to avoid using harsh products. polish the marcasite

Baking soda:

Form a paste using water and baking soda. Now place it over the tarnished Jewelry and rub it using the fingertips. Rub the fingers over the jewelry surface in a circular motion. Next, clean the jewelry while using normal water and find out the perfectly polished look of your jewelry. Your Jewelry becomes polished and bright using this simple technique.

Use vinegar:

Soak the marcasite Jewelry in the solution of water with 5-6 tsp. of vinegar. Once you dipped the solution for a few hours, you’ll see that all dirt is gone. You’ll notice that all dirt settles under your pot. When doing this solution technique, keep enough water within the pan to cover your Jewelry pieces completely. After performing this technique make sure to wipe all Jewelry pieces using a soft cloth for removing water and lay them straight underneath air to let them dry completely. polish the marcasite

Using silver cleaning cloth:

Buy an ultra-thin silver cleaning cloth from a nearby store and then use it for getting the perfect shine on your marcasite necklace at home. No more losing the natural genuine nature of your Jewelry as this silver cleaning cloth is meant for cleaning your delicate Jewelry. Scrub this incredible cloth for removing dirt and excess oil on your Jewelry. It is one of the easiest and most convenient methods for cleaning Jewelry.

What to do when planning to polish the marcasite necklace at home?

polish the marcasite

Prepare the workspace. Now clean the area and cover your flat, clear surface using a clean towel. This catches all polishing material or water that can spill on the surface.
Make use of latex, nitrile, or cotton gloves which are perfect for cleaning the marcasite necklace. This prevents your fingers from touching the tarnish. Make sure to spend on soft cloth which can serve as a great cleaning tool to get rid of the rough ports. You can also clean the marcasite necklace with a damp or dry cloth that helps in cleaning the tough spots of dirt or tarnish. polish the marcasite

When polishing the marcasite necklace, make sure to use careful, gentle strokes.
Polish the silver areas using silver polish or the silver polishing cloth. Marcasite stones are usually set using silver. Use another cleaning cloth for polishing so that your marcasite jewelry is not damaged. If you are using silver polish, take a small amount over the cotton pad, cotton ball, or cloth for gently polishing the jewelry. There are famous silver cleaners available in the market like Blitz, Hagert Silversmiths, or earth-friendly products.

Make use of Q-tips in small, tighter areas within the Jewelry. Don’t use highly intensive cleaning procedures, avoid steamers, ultrasonic cleaners, and chemical cleaners as they are harsh. Marcasite jewelry is fragile and delicate so make sure that you follow a simple, cleaning method. Once you are done polishing the Jewelry, make sure you keep your jewelry in the right place. Don’t keep it exposed to light, wood, or moisture. Don’t wear all your jewelry pieces together as it can result in scratches over the Jewelry pieces. polish the marcasite


Marcasite necklace is the perfect addition to your Jewelry collection. Before you plan to polish the necklace at home, you just need to understand that your marcasite Jewelry is delicate and extremely fragile. You need to be very careful while using the techniques at home. Avoid using any harsh chemicals. Once you are done polishing the jewelry at home, make sure you don’t wear it while taking shower or washing your hands. Don’t make your marcasite jewelry come in contact with harsh chemicals. polish the marcasite

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