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Top 5 most popular ring shops on IG

Top 5 most popular ring shops on IG

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular nowadays.
because modern technology helps to provide more convenience
Make everything easy at your fingertips because whether it is a transaction.

It can be done easily, just as simple as almost all online channels.
for various purchases It can be easily done on your smartphone. popular ring shops on IG.

through online shopping applications such as Shopee, Lazada, Kony, etc.
But for most jewelry, The fashion line has not passed.
Because there are often sales through social media channels, including Facebook, IG, or even via

Top 5 most popular ring shops on IG

popular ring shops on IG

Line official etc.

For a ring is another piece of jewelry that many people pay great attention to.
but the most popular social media applications popular ring shops on IG.

Like ring shops on IG, there are many people who are selling very popular. 5
Popular ring store on the IG platform in 2021 that if you are a fashion line
Or who like jewelry such as rings very much should not be missed.

1. Winterwintershop

It is the most popular jewelry store on IG with over 66K followers (66,000).
Most of the jewelry styles are minimalist. popular ring shops on IG.

and is a very popular Korean style Whether it’s a confident girl, a sweet girl
Or avant-garde girls can look for jewelry that they like at this shop.

In addition, the material used to make jewelry usually chooses 92.5% pure silver.
Because it makes no risk of allergic reactions on the skin. and also inexpensive
Reasonable, most often starting at 100 baht. It’s a ring store on IG.
that is popular with both school-age and working age as well

2. Chic. appeal

Saif. Must not miss jewelry stores on IG like Chic. appeal.
Most of the materials are used premium grade that is plated with platinum.

And there is also a vintage style that is popular with both male and female customers. whether it is a necklace
Rings, bracelets, and earrings, all look elegant and expensive.

But the starting price is only a few hundred. without the price is not too high, can Mix and Match
Together with the perfect popular ring shops on IG.

 popular ring shops on IG

3. Getnature. house

Stand out with handmade work. and also based on the natural line of grass
Flowers must not be missed by popular ring shops on IG.

or even resin ornaments that use flowers as the highlight of the jewelry
Whether it’s a necklace, a ring, or an earring

It is also more special by teaching a course to make gifts by yourself from materials.
save the world Does not destroy the environment as well
and available through online shopping applications like Shopee, starting at 590
baht as well popular ring shops on IG.

4. Leila_amulets

The best ring shop on IG is definitely a true mutely line.
They usually collect amulets from famous temples. popular ring shops on IG.

around the world to customize it in the form of popular jewelry that can be worn with
The clothes come out perfectly. And it’s also a unisex style that can be worn by both men and women. popular ring shops on IG.

Especially the ring is the best-selling jewelry in the shop.
There are distribution channels via IG as well as through applications such as Shopee and Lazada.
as well

 popular ring shops on IG1

5. Whiteory

Another jewelry store on IG that is not only good for rings.
The jewelry will have a minimalist style, focusing on Korea. popular ring shops on IG.

There is a softness with every piece of jewelry. Especially if it’s a sweet line
Absolutely must not miss There are also quality materials in the production. with prices starting at only 40

baht. It is liked by both school-age students. Working age is not less as well.
However, the ring shop on IG

There are still many shops that are not less interesting and are getting more attention day by day.
More accessories like a helper to make the dress more dimensional.
equal to building confidence

If you choose to buy, you can compare the price before making a purchase as a deciding criterion.
You can also stop 5 most popular ring shops on IG

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