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What are the properties of marcasite silver?

What are the properties of marcasite silver?

Have you ever thought about where did the name marcasite arise from? Marcasite is a Latin term, that originated and derived from the Arabic term “ markaschatsa”. It means firestone; the mineral wasn’t named after its unusually metallic luster.

properties of marcasite It was named that because it can glint when it gets hit by iron. There’s a fiery spark that rises with it that hits your eyes. Marcasite has been valued since the beginning of time. It is jewelry that is extremely evolved and manufactured with care to enhance and make your jewelry that creative. Wholesale Jewelry.

Let’s not forget about its unusual designs and the way they win your heart every time you look at them. properties of marcasite Marcasite may not be popular now but has an impressive history to back up its value. Even now many brands and factories only make marcasite silver jewelry.

Their business only works with the making of marcasite silver jewelry and has been quite successful. properties of marcasite People haven’t forgotten the kind of value, it possesses and that’s what we’re curious to know. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

Why would people want to buy something with such ancient history? That might have something to do with its distinct properties as well. properties of marcasite Marcasite is a material that is laden with multiple properties that will benefit you very much.

properties of marcasite That’s something we’re very much confident about and that’s why we’ve mentioned some of the best properties of it below, Jewelry manufacturer.

What are the properties of marcasite silver?


properties of marcasite


Physical properties

Marcasite and pyrite have similar physical properties along with how they look. But they differ in their structural composite. Marcasite and pyrite both have a crystal composition where pyrite s made with an isometric system while marcasite is manufactured with an orthorhombic one.

When it comes to the surface and near-surface environment, marcasite, and pyrite both have different properties. You’ll mostly find the difference in stability as both minerals have a distinctive crystalline structure.

It makes the process extremely clear about why these minerals are treated the way they are.

Marcasite silver in our language, you can call “sensitive” which is mostly also described as very reactive. It is a mineral that reacts extremely rapidly when it comes in contact with certain elements.

They are quite self-destructive and make the whole molding process much more difficult. The mineral alters quickly without even your notice making it hard for you to do anything with it.

Marcasite is a very complex mineral that cannot even be handled let alone be placed in a specimen. The mineral will damage if it’s exposed to the outside or even moisture. It cannot even be stored somewhere because it tarnishes on its own as well.

This is what makes it so much different from pyrite. When the mineral is stored in a container like a specimen in an environment with mild humidity, something happens. The particles of marcasite silver change gradually and convert into ferrous sulfate minerals.

When this substance gets exposed to some kind of moisture or even humidity, it alters into sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid can then damage everything around it. The wood over the surface and even the containers would produce rust due to the exposure of acid.

When marcasite and pyrite are observed right under the microscope, you can see the difference in the color of both. Marcasite would have a white shade which is quite lighter than the brass-yellow of pyrite.


properties of marcasite


Geological properties

As marcasite has similar properties to pyrite, they are often mistaken for each other. Both are iron sulfides with different structures.

However marcasite silver isn’t as abundant in the world as pyrite and also has the property to be less heavy. We’ll take a little traditional route and mention some healing properties of the material.

Physical healer

It is believed that marcasite silver aims to provide the human body with great well-being. Since it is well known for its ability to center all the universal energies swirling around us, it targets them.

It gains input from them and draws all the wholesome energies right into our bodies. This helps to put your mind at ease and relieves you from all the psychosomatic problems and traumas people face.

The material is even believed to protect your body from a disease that is highly contagious and dangerous to everyone around you. These involve cold, influenza, skin diseases, etc.

Marcasite silver is also mentioned to be a great stone that is great for healthcare professionals. It decreases your fever and infections formed all around you. It is highly effective for the lungs as it improves your respiratory system.

The material is even said to enhance your oxygen supply and provide you with endless support. properties of marcasite It is even said to enhance cell formation and the whole healing process. If you wear it for a long time, it will eventually improve your bone structure all the while strengthening your bones.


properties of marcasite


Emotional properties

Leaning towards a more superstitious mindset, marcasite silver is believed to be a healer of emotional wounds. It pulsates within the spiritual chakras that define the emotional state of your mind. properties of marcasite

It aligns them quite smoothly and has been the center of focus for many. Moreover, the material is used for physic protection which means enhances your properties.

If you’re surrounded by the dark clouds of pessimism, it heals your mind and provides you with positive energy all around. properties of marcasite

As anxiety is one of the most common mental problems, this stone can even help you deal with it. properties of marcasite It gets the wearer of marcasite silver to be more open about their needs so you can improve them.


properties of marcasite



Marcasite silver may not be as popular in the 20th century as it used to be in the earlier centuries, it’s still the same. properties of marcasite Meaning the stone provides you with the same benefits and properties as it used to.

It can be the best stone for you as it enhances the health of your body, making you feel great. Moreover, the stone has an amazing luster that would give other stones a run for their money.

That’s why marcasite silver has always been in the market without getting erased by evolution. properties of marcasite People still prefer it over other jewelry materials.

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