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The history of jewelry from the royal jewelry accessory collection

The history of jewelry from the royal jewelry accessory collection

Jewelry has been around for a very long time. People have seen jewelry as a way of symbolizing multiple things. Some hunters used feathers, bones, Wholesale Jewelry, and animal teeth as symbols of power and animals they may have hunted during their time royal jewelry.

People also use jewelry such as rings to unite two individuals in matrimony on their wedding days. People in further times used gems, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, and only high officials and people in power were allowed to wear expensive gems to symbolize their power. Slaves were also made to wear bracelets to represent who they belonged to royal jewelry.

But the royals have always had their hands on some of the best jewelry pieces in the world. Apart from having a huge collection of ornaments in their museums, Jewelry manufacturer, the royal family has heirlooms that have been passed down and have been work by the queen herself as well as the Duchess who has married into the family royal jewelry.

The history of jewelry from the royal jewelry accessory collection

Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara.

royal jewelry

This is a magnificent tiara that has been passed down for four generations in the family. The beautiful tiara is made out of silver and gold and is embedded with diamonds and pearls royal jewelry.

Though the first version had pearls lines across the top as well, as soon as it was worn by Queen Elizabeth, it has been seen to have only the bottom pearl lining left. The tiara was made in 1913 by the grandmother of the existing Queen royal jewelry.

When the tiara was made, it had 38 pieces of individual pearls running across the top and were hung from the bottom. This piece is still in possession of the Queen and has been worn by Princess Diana as well as Kate Middleton royal jewelry.

The Queen is also known to not give away any jewelry which she inherited but does let her family members wear them under specific conditions and long-term agreements royal jewelry.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring

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Process Diana’s engagement ring was given to her as the obvious engagement ring by Prices Charles. This ring was made and given on the engagement in 1981. The beautiful ring is made out of white gold and is in an oval shape. The surrounding is filled with 14 diamonds and is fitted with a beautiful 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire royal jewelry.

The beautiful ring is stunning and was worn by the beautiful Diana even after the couple divorced. To lead the legacy on the ring was then presented to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as an engagement by her husband. Diana appreciated the ring, but the royal family did not appreciate it as much. None the less the ring is still beautiful and is important to the Royal family.

The flower lotus tiara

royal jewelry

This tiara was originally given to the wife of George IV; this necklace was not appreciated as much as it was anticipated and was turned into a tiara that has been passed down for generations and has been lent around the royal family when the occasion asks. The wife was Queen Elizabeth the first, and she has worn it in a long series of events royal jewelry.

She styled it in her way, and it fit the era of fashion. The headpiece has been seen to be worn by Princess Margret and her son’s fiancee. The headpiece remains in all its glory and is still held onto by the Royal family, and Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing it on multiple occasions royal jewelry.

Maple leaf brooch

royal jewelry

The maple tree is a very important one in Canada. The leaf of the tree is also printed on the flag of the country. To symbolize King Georges’s 1939 visit to Canada, this brooch was presented to his wife to wear on the visit. Queen Elizabeth had worn this brooch on multiple occasions and visits to the country royal jewelry.

This had been borrowed by her daughter, Princess Elizabeth. The brooch has been worn by the later princesses on their visits to Canada to pay their tribute to the respective country. This is a beautiful brooch set with diamonds on platinum maple leaf shape royal jewelry.

Queen Mary’s diamond Bandeau

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This bandeau is a beautiful headpiece that was originally owned by the Queen Mary. The central piece which lies in the headpiece was originally a brooch that was presented to the Queen as a wedding gift in 1893. This was then turned into a beautiful tiara which was then inherited by Queen Elizabeth royal jewelry.

The Queen has also worn this on multiple occasions. Meghan Markle was then seen wearing it on their wedding day. The whole thing is covered in stunning diamonds existing since the time of Queen Mary the piece still holds an important place in the family and is still glorious as ever.

The four-row Japanese pearl necklace

royal jewelry

This is a stunning price of jewelry that is surrounded by four rows of pearls that run down in layers on each side. The middle piece also has a remaining last portion which gives the owner the freedom to add another layer of pearls to the necklace, though this has yet to happen.

The necklace, as the name may suggest, was given to Queen Elizabeth II in the 1970s by the Japanese government. This is a beautiful necklace that has been passed down from the Queen to Princess Diana. This has also been worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Though this still has Queen Elizabeth, she does lend them to her family.

It is clear to see that the royal family has accumulated a huge amount of jewelry. None of these serves as heirlooms, but certain pieces of jewelry do. The royal family has been in monarchy for 1209 years. They have had a generational rule of 37 generations which has served their purpose. Each stunning piece is beautiful and serves and complements anyone from the royal family to wear it.

Our top picks have been selected based on their importance in history and the parts they’ve played in recent times, including the Duchess of each respective state as well as Princesses.

Wondering what is the history of the royal jewelry accessory collection? Well, you can check all the information below to get an idea about the history of royal accessories.

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