A ring symbolizes loyalty, friendship, promise, love. When you give a ring to your girlfriend, that ring is usually known as the ‘promise ring’. It is given by one person to another in a romantic relationship, which signifies the commitment between the two. Giving a promise ring to your partner is a sign of your devotion to the relationship. The idea of giving this ring dates back several hundred years. And has resurfaced becoming a common trend in modern times.

Giving a ring to your girlfriend is a big thing. As rings hold a special position in every women’s life, especially if they are given by loved ones. Therefore, there is no better option than a sparkly silver ring. Its durable nature will make it last for a very long period of time, as a symbol of your commitment to each other.

So, before you buy the ring, go through this guide in order to have a better understanding 

The current trends of the sparkly silver ring for a girlfriend.


sparkly silver ring

Design#1: Eternity ring:

An eternity ring is also known as an infinity ring. It is a round sparkly silver ring with a continuous line of identical gemstones or diamonds. This continuity refers to the never-ending, eternal love. It is one of the most common types of ring usually given to wives or girlfriends. An indication of your unlimited love for her. Plus, its elegant look makes it seem precious hence, making it a perfect gift for your special one.


sparkly silver ring

Design#2: Claddagh ring:

The name claddagh ring is also known as fede rings. This name is derived from an Italian phrase meaning hands joined in faith or hands joined on loyalty. In Roman times this gesture meant pledging vows. However, the claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Its design has a heart at the center joining two hands. This design expresses all, that a woman really wants to hear. Thus, claddag sparkly silver ring is the ideal choice to buy.   


sparkly silver ring

Design#3: Silver knot ring:

When you reach a rope, you tie a knot to hold on. Just like your relationship with your loved ones, when you decide to hold on to each other. A simple delicate knot ring can be an absolute celebration of this connection and commitment. Plus, if it is a sparkly silver ring, It will become the best combination for a minimalistic and trendy look. Something that can be easily worn every. Hence, a constant reminder of the relationship.


sparkly silver ring

Design#4: Silver vintage ring:

A vintage ring is a combination of oxidized and sparkly silver in one ring. This blend of two contrasting looks existing together. This gives an idea that the ring has experienced a lot in its lifetime. Similar to every relation in life. As every relation faces ups and downs, but it only strengths the bond between the two. This ring as a gift can constantly prompt the idea, that there can be hard times but only to make this connection strong.


sparkly silver ring

Design#5: Silver engraved ring:

Silver metal is easily personalized. What can be better than engraving words that remind your loved ones how much you mean to them. It can be a name or some motivational words or a phrase. Doing so will show your girlfriend the extra effort you have put in it, to get her this different and unique sparkly silver ring.


sparkly silver ring

Design#6: Plain kite silver ring:

Sometimes less is more. The simpler the things are the prettier they look. If your girlfriend loves to wear minimalistic jewelry, then these kites-shaped sparkly silver rings are the perfect choice you should buy her. Not only do they look classy and elegant, but they also make her stand out by complimenting her all sorts of casual and fancy outfits.  


sparkly silver ring

Design#7: Plain silver band ring with a gap:

A simple plain sparkly silver ring that has a gap. Actually, it is not actually a gap but it features two little hearts ant both ends of the band ring. The gap between the two heats is made so that when your loved one wears it on her finger that space is filled with your love. What a wonderful deep meaning this ring has. There can be no better way than this to express your immense love for your girlfriend.


sparkly silver ring

Design#8 : Silver braided ring:

A braided sparkly silver ring crafted by skill looks beautiful and delicate. The twist in the metal increases the strength and durability of the ring. The braid metaphorically shows your journey with your beloved girlfriend. The hardships, the moments of joys, and all the memories are interwoven into each other making your love what it is. And further strengthening the relationship.


sparkly silver ring

Design#9: Minimalistic heart ring:

Giving your girlfriend a minimalistic Sterling Silver 925 sparkly silver ring with a simple heart motive is a direct way of expressing your love to her. It is because the heart is the universal symbol of love and care. The shine of the silver along with a heart design on a ring always makes a perfect gift for every girl or woman


sparkly silver ring

Design#10: Birthstone silver ring:

Since the shine of silver complements the gemstones, and color of the gemstones complement the shine of the silver. It makes the two the best combination for a sparkly silver ring. So, if you want really want to show your devotion and love towards your girlfriend, then giving her a ring with her birthstone is ‘the’ type of gift you should buy. As you extra effort will make her feel special.

Final verdict:

After going through this brief guideline, you would have developed a better understanding of the types of sparkly silvers rings that are in trend recently. This article will help you compare the designs with your girlfriend’s choice of jewelry. Before you pick the right ring for the right person.