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Sterling Silver Bangles – The Perfect Embellishment for Your Wrists

Sterling Silver Bangles – The Perfect Embellishment for Your Wrists

One of the best ways to accentuate your outfits is by using accessories. Outfits get a stylish boost when you add details and design elements that bring character and personality to them.

The best way to do this without making it feel tacky or gaudy is through your jewelry. With colorful pieces, chains, settings, and gemstones, you can easily add personality and charisma to any outfit. sterling silver bangles

You just need to find out what’s right for you! It’s easy with such a variety of looks available today. But one thing, you should be able to take advantage of our bangles. Today we’ll tell you about all there is about sterling silver bangles; their history, types, styles, trends… everything you need to know! sterling silver bangles

Sterling Silver Bangles – The Perfect Embellishment for Your Wrists

Sterling Silver Bangles

What are bangles?

Simply put, a bangle is a bracelet that has no closure or clasp. It’s simply one continuous piece of metal that fits snugly around your wrist. Typically, they’re made of more malleable metals like gold or silver and have an opening in the back for you to slip it on over your hand.

Other types include expanders (which stretch while still being round), hinged bangles, double-ended, layered… there are much more designs than what we’ve mentioned here, but those are mostly modern creations that didn’t exist centuries ago. Let’s now look at how far back jewelry with this style goes! sterling silver bangles

Sterling Silver Bangles

History of Sterling Silver Bangles:

Aesthetically, bangles are a timeless style of jewelry. They’ve been around since the earliest days of human civilization, which means that it’s one of the few jewelry pieces that weren’t created in modern times as an imitation of older styles.

Some historians speculate that bangles were originally tools to keep track of harvest or for counting prayers during rituals. It is known, however, that they’ve been used by many cultures throughout Asia and even Europe throughout ancient history up into the Middle Ages. sterling silver bangles

It was believed that wearing this kind of adornment brought good fortune to its wearer (a belief also shared with bracelets). The Romans loved their bangles so much they imported them from India via Central Asia, thus creating imperial wealth. After finding out that Indians were using them for religious purposes,

Romans started wearing them as well in hopes of bringing good luck to their expeditions. Even today, some cultures like Tibetans still rely on the talisman-like symbolism of bangles to bring good fortune. sterling silver bangles

Sterling Silver Bangles

The modern bangle:

As you can see, bangles have a long history and one that is steeped with tradition and superstition. They’re now more recognized on the trends they set rather than the use people think they had in the past.

Today there are many different manufacturers offering a wide variety of styles, from dainty little pieces up to big curvy numbers. sterling silver bangles

Whatever your preference may be, it’s safe to say that bangles are here to stay. Almost every fashionable woman has a pair in her jewelry box, even if she doesn’t wear them often because they’re so cute. Fashionistas everywhere love making bold statements with these chunky accessories! sterling silver bangles

Types of bangle bracelets and how to wear them:

Styles vary from bangles that go straight across your wrist and those that curve up or down several times. Some have decorative elements like pavé diamonds or colored tassels on end, while others are plain,

suiting someone who likes the basic look or wants to make their outfits more interesting by adding some color via other pieces of jewelry they wear with their bangles (chokers, necklaces). sterling silver bangles

Making your statement: The ultimate fashion statement you can make with these bracelets is to wear them all at once. If you prefer the simple look, pairing them with some chunky rings and a matching necklace is a great way to play up your arm candy! sterling silver bangles

Trends for sterling silver bangles:

The bangle isn’t just wearable as jewelry but can also be used decoratively in other ways. You’ve probably seen this if you watch TV or movies; popular actresses have been spotted wearing bracelets as belts to accentuate their hourglass figures! Make sure that when using this trick on yourself,

you pick bangles that are of the same width as your waist or thinner because otherwise, it will look odd at best and unflattering at worst. sterling silver bangles

It’s been seen in runway shows by designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton. Fashionistas everywhere have also made it a staple of wearing bangles simultaneously as other bracelets, stacking them on top of each other or next to one another to create a certain look that they’re going for. sterling silver bangles

Bangles are ideal when you want to make a strong fashion statement without wearing too many large pieces of jewelry together. They’re like miniature versions of chokers, necklaces, and bracelets all in one tiny accessory!

There is an endless variety of styles these days, from simple designs with just one color up to huge multi-colored knockers wrapped around your arm many times over… choose your favorite and wear it proudly!

Where to buy bangles:

You can find bangle bracelets in practically every high street store, from grocery and clothing stores up to boutiques. There are even online jewelers that will sell you a wide range of styles for very affordable prices. sterling silver bangles

Know the facts:

If you find yourself in a store and are looking at bangles that have diamonds or other stones on them, be sure to check for gemstone certification labels discreetly attached somewhere near the clasp.

These ensure that what you’re getting is authentic and not an imitation. The easiest way to make sure you get what’s advertised is by buying from a reputable seller with verified reviews or well-known high street brands. sterling silver bangles

Maintenance tips:

There’s no need to clean your sterling silver bangles regularly; wipe them down when they get dusty or dirty (e.g., after wearing them out). Be very careful of perfume, lotions, household cleaners, and other chemicals – these can damage plated jewelry!

Many people purchase polishing clothes that are easy to use and don’t require the use of chemicals.

Based on its history, benefits, and other factors we have mentioned about Sterling Silver Bangles, we hope you can now see why it is the best embellishment to Grace your wrist.

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