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Are Wholesale Rings Toxic for Your Body?

Are Wholesale Rings Toxic for Your Body?

There is a multitude of hazardous repercussions associated with silver rings. It is true that they have a lustrous appeal, affordable prices and serve as a good pair with the staples in one’s wardrobe. Albeit, any activity done in excessive amounts can be extremely toxic for the body. The same thing applies to wearing lustrous, Wholesale Jewelry, silver rings at every given time. This question is one that is asked often by buyers and frequently thought about, especially by people who are highly sensitive. Wholesale Rings

Silver is a very soft metal that has a lot of appeal; it is also an element that makes earth. This metal is found in its metallic form, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, mixed with various metals including nitrate, sulfide, and chloride. Pure silver is mostly found in bright-whitish-gray color, while silver nitrate and silver chloride are found in powdery white. Wholesale Rings

The metal is known as ‘silver is often used in making jewelry of all types and sizes. It is immensely stable in air and pure water. Notwithstanding, it gets ruined when exposed to air containing high amounts of various chemicals such as ozone, sulfide, hydrogen sulfur, and many others. Now, silver quickens the tarnishing process due to contaminants in the air. Wholesale Rings

Are Wholesale Rings Toxic for Your Body?

Wholesale Rings

The usefulness of Wholesale Silver Rings

The use of silver dates all the way back to ancient times, Jewelry manufacturer, due to how durable and versatile it has been proven to be. The metal comes with various antibacterial properties, making them an ideal choice for use in forging equipment. Silver was primarily used in the creation of such products as well as a variety of other applications. Many years ago, silver was also used in form of eye drops for infants. Wholesale Rings

It has also been used in the past as a water purifying agent and has been used in the form of salves for burn victims. Today, silver is most commonly used in the manufacture of wholesale silver rings as well as other jewelry items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many more, to enhance feminism or beautify outfits. Hon Factory’s affordable wholesale rings will help you achieve an adorable, sterling look with all staples. Wholesale Rings

Wholesale Rings

Whether wholesale silver rings are hazardous for health or not is a controversial question. Below are possible conditions that can cause wholesale silver rings to become toxic
*If an individual uses silver jewelry that is concentrated or has high levels as a result of being combined with hazardous wastes from mining by-products like zinc, copper, lead, or gold, that jewelry can cause a high level of exposure to toxicity. Wholesale Rings

*From a bigger picture, silver has not been scientifically proven to be toxic to humans as it does not cause cancer, any form of damage to the reproductive system, or cause neurological damage. The constant everyday contact with shiny silver rings and jewelry has no negative consequences or adverse effects. Wholesale Rings

*Highly sensitive people are however advised to expect and prepare to experience allergic reactions or irritations if exposed more often than usual to the wearing of wholesale silver rings. Wearing silver can cause severe irritation to the eyes, or cause dermatitis which are severe skin reactions that can lead to bumps, redness, or irritation. The use of nickel in the manufacture of silver rings can result in such allergic reactions. Not many people are allergic to silver or gold. They are, however, allergic to nickel as it can cause high sensitivity. Wholesale Rings

Wholesale Rings

*If your stunning silver rings come with huge amounts of other metals such as sulfur or nitrate, they can also lead to severe skin discoloration like bluish-green color over the fingers. Most people suffer from a permanent bluish-gray color stain on the skin, known as argyria. Argyria is a very rare condition in people who are exceptionally sensitive and it occurs as a result of the constant wearing of wholesale silver rings. Wholesale Rings

*Argyria is a condition that an individual looks ill, making such a person feel like they are suffering from a deficiency in oxygen. In a case where argyria leads to the discoloration of one’s skin, it is permanent and might be difficult to reverse. Many medical professionals are of the opinion that silver rings can adversely affect the physical health of a human being in terms of skin discoloration. Wholesale Rings

*The most vulnerable parts of the body which are most likely to experience jewelry allergies include the fingers due to wearing wholesale rings on a regular basis, the earlobes due to wearing silver earrings, and the neck, due to wearing the silver necklace. Ultimately, dermatitis results in a red blister surface in acute conditions, while chronic dermatitis results in dry pigmentation of the affected areas. Wholesale Rings

Various Reactions Experienced in Wholesale Silver Rings

There are certain reactions in silver rings which are not caused by allergies. As a matter of fact, they occur as a result of dirt, friction, or particles on the surface of the sterling silver rings. Wholesale Rings

How to identify nickel in wholesale silver rings?

As soon as you visit the jewelry shop, you will be unable to identify the amount of nickel in silver jewelry; it is not possible to assess the levels of nickel in jewelry that you want to or have already purchased. It is more realistic to assume that whatever wholesale silver rings you intend to purchase contains some nickel levels except they are manufactured using sterling pure silver, pure platinum, 18 or 24-carat gold, or stainless steel. Wholesale Rings

It is important to know that wholesale silver rings are made up of 92.5% silver with additional metals like nickel and copper. If you have slight or severe allergies to nickel, you have the option of requesting hypoallergenic jewelry made from sterling silver or stainless steel. Wholesale Rings


One of the best choices for all jewelry items in sterling silver. However, the ultimate choice is purchasing trusted jewelry pieces. By purchasing wholesale silver rings that are made from high quantities of sterling silver and are low in nickel and copper content, you are making the right choice. Wholesale Rings

Before investing in silver jewelry, ensure that you have no allergies associated with them, as small quantities of nickel in silver jewelry can result in severe reactions as stated above. So it’s advisable to go for a patch test which will be done by a dermatologist who can ensure that you do not have any such allergies. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing hypoallergenic jewelry. Wholesale Rings

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