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7 Reasons to Start Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

7 Reasons to Start Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are many reasons to consider before buying Sterling silver jewelry wholesale, and this article will cover the most important ones.

As you read through the following list of reasons why purchasing wholesale sterling silver jewelry is in your best interest, Wholesale Sterling

keep in mind that there is no better way to buy fine quality jewelry than at factory-direct prices from handcrafted artisan jewelers who purchase their supplies directly from refiners.

Wholesale Sterling This ensures every piece comes with an industry-leading authenticity guarantee because each item is hallmarked by the company’s stamping machines, assuring its purity.

Most importantly, though, it means lower prices for you! Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

7 Reasons to Start Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Wholesale Sterling

Wholesale Silver Jewelry is Cheaper Than Retail Jewelry

With the recent economic downturn, more and more people have been looking for ways to cut back on spending in order to save money.

This means that retail stores have had a hard time selling their products at full price, which means that they are constantly searching for new ways to get customers through their doors to spend money on the Jewelry in their shop.

One way that retailers accomplish this is by marking up the prices of the items they sell, even if only slightly. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

This means you end up paying higher prices at brick-and-mortar stores than you would otherwise pay to buy wholesale silver jewelry online.

Think about it like this: Which sounds like a better deal? Paying $10 for a sterling silver ring, or paying $7 for the same ring?

The first one seems like it’s 50% off of an already low price. Of course, you might want to pick that one! But in reality, the second ring is much cheaper than the first – by about $3.

Do this math on each of your purchases, and you’ll see exactly how much money you’re saving when you buy wholesale silver jewelry online from websites such as ours. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Wholesale Sterling

You Can Buy Exactly What You Want

Buying things in retail often means settling with what’s available at the store when you happen to have time to go there.

Wholesale Sterling If they don’t happen to have the size or style of what you want, you have to either buy a different one or wait for them to get the item in stock (if they ever do),

or settle on buying something only slightly similar until you can try again later. However, buying Sterling silver jewelry pieces wholesale will give you more options.

Even if the manufacturer doesn’t currently have the exact item you want, it’s easy to ask them about custom-made pieces to suit your customer’s size and style, which many of their artists can do for you instantly. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Quality is Always Guaranteed

As stated above, wholesale sterling silver jewelry comes with an industry-leading guarantee from the artisans who make them.

The only way that a company can put a guarantee like this on their product is if they purchase the raw materials for it directly from refiners, ensuring that every item is made of exactly what it says it is – no fillers here.

These artisans take pride in their work and make sure that each piece is carefully handcrafted using professional equipment and techniques. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

You Can Shop From Home Anytime

While some people may enjoy going into jewelry stores (especially since most of us have fond memories of doing this Wholesale Sterling

with our parents during the holidays or birthdays), many others would rather shop from home due to their busy schedules. 

In reality, the fact that some intending wholesalers believe they can’t shop bulk sterling silver jewelry from their homes discourages them beyond measure. However, Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

It’s easier to relax at home in your pajamas to order than it is to drive into the city or risk getting in late to work because your customers are disturbing you for a particular piece.

There are several wholesalers all over the world who order wholesale silver jewelry online, either via their smartphones or laptops, and they get exactly what they ordered in good condition. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Wholesale Sterling

Some Manufacturers Offer Free Shipping on all orders

The cost of the shipping fee is a huge factor to consider before buying Sterling silver jewelry pieces wholesale. Wholesale Sterling

The amount usually charged for shipping varies from location to location, so if your location is very far from that of your supplier, jewelry there is no doubt that you’ll pay a whole lot more than an individual who is closer to the supplier.

This factor has discouraged a lot of willing wholesalers from the business. However, if you check deeply, Wholesale Sterling

there are some companies that would bear the whole cost of shipping, so you only pay for the items you bought. Though they are not plenty, they exist! Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Easy to Maintain

It’s not really complex to maintain these jewelry pieces as a wholesaler after purchasing them. All you need to do is expose them to air and clean them as often as possible if your customers don’t really buy them on time.

Wholesale Sterling Some experts in this field have suggested that cleaning at least three times a week will maintain the silver color, making it shine more.

This instruction should also be passed on to anyone who purchases any of the jewelry pieces. If they are going to leave it in the jewelry box for a long time,

without wearing it, they should clean it often (Two months is a long time for a piece of Jewelry in a box). Wholesale Sterling

Meanwhile, constant wearing will clean the jewelry piece by itself, as it’ll come in contact with water and sweat. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Wholesale Sterling

Endless Collection

Due to how soft sterling silver is, Jewelers can keep molding it into different shapes, forms and styles, thereby making sure your customers have a wide array of jewelry to choose from.

No matter their taste, color, or preference, you would always have something good in store for them. Wholesale Sterling

One of the best types of investments globally is an investment in Jewelry because they will create a legacy that will live beyond you if only you do it right.

So don’t waste more time; start buying Sterling Silver Jewelry wholesale today. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

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