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Marcasite is an opaque stone with a striking metallic appearance and has been used to create decorative jewelry like bangles since the 16th Century. A Marcasite bangle is an ornamented band of silver that is worn on the arm. It may be plain metal, but it usually has a jeweled design. It may also be worn in pairs.

In some instances, there is a hidden compartment where the wearer can put something for safekeeping. The Marcasite bangle was created to be worn by royalty because it is a symbol of power and wealth. It also has bright jewel colors that people wore during festivals. For example, Egyptians wore jewelry that had emeralds, sapphires, red jasper, and carnelian.

marcasite bangle

The oldest Marcasite bangle was found in Egypt. The first Marcasite bangles were created by the Egyptians during the reign of King Tutankhamun (c. 1358–1350 B.C.). The Egyptians believed that they were gifts from the gods and used them as a symbol of power, protection, and fertility.

Ancient Egypt continued to use Marcasite bangles into the Roman era (30 BC – 284 AD). Marcasite bangle bracelets are crafted by artisans and sold throughout the world. They are made from pure Marcasite jewelry, along with 12k yellow gold. Marcasite is mainly found in Brazil and India.

In this article today, we are going to give you a few ways to clean your marcasite bangle. It is possible you might have tried some of these methods before but nevertheless, you’ll learn something.  Wholesale Jewelry Although using a silver cloth to clean it, the dirt can be cleaned but not wholly. So we tried several methods to clean marcasite bangles and they all work depending on the bangles.

How to clean your marcasite bangle thoroughly?

marcasite bangle

Note that you must wash your hands really well before you start so that you don’t transfer oils and dirt onto the piece.

1) Use Ammonia

The ammonia cleaning solution will help us to remove stubborn stains quickly from our jewelry without damaging any part of it. The ammonia bottle can be found in all major drug stores or supermarkets. After soaked, the jewelry for a few minutes,  Wholesale Silver Jewelry wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth until dry, then polish with a soft cloth until shine again. Do not forget to wear gloves before doing this process because your skin may react with the chemical reaction that produces ammonia when you touch the silver jewelry.

2) Use Brasso Polish

Brasso is one of the most famous polishing products; it can be used to clean gold or silver but not platinum.  Jewelry manufacturer It cleans and shines brilliantly by rubbing fine particles of brass between its surface and the metal being cleaned. First, put Brasso on a soft cloth then rub lightly your bangle until shiny again.

If you want to remove scratches from your jewelry, soak it with warm water for a few minutes, next wipe gently with a soft cloth before polishing it using Brasso. This process must be repeated several times until shiny after drying in-between each application of this solution because this method will damage the jewelry if overused! Do not use this method often so that your jewelry will not get damaged.

3) Use Mild Toothpaste to Clean it!

Brushing of bangles is a straightforward method without any special tools. It’s only making use of an ordinary brush that can be used to clean your silver jewelry and all kind of fabrics. But do not use a hard brush on the bangle because you may scratch it and make its surface dirty.

Soak the bangle with warm water first before using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub the pieces until shiny again. If you want to remove scratches from your jewelry, soak it with warm water for a few minutes, next wipe gently with a soft cloth before polishing it using toothpaste. Toothpaste contains fluorine compounds that work in cleaning your jewelry silver, this method is a quick and easy way.

4) Use Baking Soda with Soft Cloth

Baking soda will help to remove all dirt on your bangle. Just soak the jewelry in warm water for a few minutes before wiping it using baking soda only. Do not use hard scrubbing or cloth so that you do not damage your precious piece of jewelry! After cleaning it well, rinse the baking soda gently using clean water, then dry well with a soft cloth until tarnish-free afterward, polish it using a polishing cloth or soft cloth gently. Q

marcasite bangle

5) Use Silver Cleaner

We found silver cleaner from Sunshine, it contains 30ml of cream, which is enough to clean a few pieces of jewelry. This product is used in removing tarnish and grime deposits on jewelry. You need to gently scrub the bangle with a cotton ball and let dry it for 10 minutes before polishing it using a soft cloth until shines again. These five steps will make your bangle thoroughly clean.

Other Tips – You can also use denture cleaning tablets to clean your marcasite bangle. Denture cleaning tablets contain a solute of hydrogen peroxide, which can help clean your marcasite bangles and other materials that have been tarnished by oxidation.

You need to put only one denture tablet in warm water (not hot) and then soak them into the solution for half an hour before rubbing the grime off gently with your fingers or with a soft toothbrush.

marcasite bangle

Camphor or mothball! – This method removes the odor very effectively but it also makes your marcasite bangle dry. Some people even decide not to wear their bangles frequently just because they don’t want them to get dirty. However, whether or not you wear your marcasite bangle, it’ll still get dirty because of where you keep it. It’s not possible to keep your bangle in a 100% dirt or heat-free location.

If you have any comments about this article, please do not hesitate to write below. Your comments are very important to us because your opinion will encourage us to write more articles similar to this one! Thank you for reading our article and we hope you can try these methods on your marcasite bangles, so you can later share the results!

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